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Adding on to your home is a great way to increase the value of the home in the process of making it more functional for your household. If you are experiencing the uncomfortable predicament of outgrowing your home, but are hesitant to find a new home, a room addition is likely the right solution.

Moving to a larger home or a home with a different floor plan is an unappealing solution for many homeowners. This is especially true for those who love their current neighborhoods, or know that finding another home in the same school district or with the same work commute will be virtually impossible. If you love the location of your home, have sentimental reasons to stay in it, or don’t want to make a real estate transaction in the current market, a room addition project is likely to be the perfect way to make your current home continue to meet your needs.

Why a Room Addition Might be Right for You

A room addition can be the ideal solution for a variety of scenarios. Many homeowners find themselves outgrowing their current home, but hesitant to sell. Perhaps the housing market isn’t conducive to selling your home and finding another one, or maybe you love your neighborhood and don’t want to leave.

Whatever the reason you don’t want to move, a room addition might be the perfect way to help your home grow with you. In addition to adding value to your home by increasing its size, a room addition is a great way to:

  • Add a bedroom and or bathroom
  • Make space to welcome an aging parent or adult child into the home
  • Add an income property to the home
  • Increase your entertaining and living space
  • Create a media room, home theater, or other living space for older children and teens

Why Choose SKHD?

Adding on to your home requires a team of professionals who can make sure the project is property permitted, completed up to building code, and designed in such a way that meets your budget and personal preferences.

Because a room addition counts as new construction in many ways, working with a licensed, reputable team of professionals is even more essential. Our testimonials from happy customers, many of whom hire us again for another project or refer us to their friends and family, speak for themselves.

The Room Addition Process

With your full satisfaction as our guiding principle, we begin the room addition process with advanced 3D technology to ensure that the design is exactly what you have imagined. Before finalizing the room addition design, we will make sure everything is permitted and approved. After finalizing the design, we work with qualified, licensed professionals, carefully screening the contractors who will complete the bathroom remodel.

The room addition process will include plumbing, electrical, framing, roofing, finishes, and sometimes more. This multi-faceted process will be completed by licensed contractors, with a commitment to high quality work without cutting any corners. You can count on us to clean up the worksite at the end of each work day, prioritizing the comfort and cleanliness of the home so that living in the home during the renovation process is possible in many cases.

To learn more about adding on to your home or all room additions, contact us any time!

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