Renovation Services in Tarzana

Tarzana is one of the best places to live in the San Fernando Valley, with with a diverse array of homes and plenty to do. If you live in Tarzana and are considering how you can make you current home into your dream home, we can help. Whether it’s a small bathroom remodel, a home addition, or a remodel of the entire home, we are ready to help. Having the right team of professionals on your side from start to finish is arguably the most important factor in your renovation process; contact us any time to learn why we are the right choice.

Renovation Services in Tarzana

New Construction in Tarzana

If you know you want to live in Tarzana, but you cannot find the right home already existing, new construction may be the right choice for you. Designing your ideal property from scratch allows you to customize every feature to perfectly fit your family, budget, lifestyle, and personal style. Our advanced technology removes nearly all of the stress and guesswork that often comes with building a new construction home. High quality 3D renderings every step of the way will allow you to visualize exactly what is happening next, and make changes in real time to the plans without waiting to discover you don’t like something after it has been built. We love to partner with our clients, providing our expertise and placing the utmost importance on your ideas and what is valuable to you. Renovation Services in Tarzana

Room Additions in Tarzana

In some cases, achieving your dreams for your home through remodeling isn’t an option because what you are looking for requires a different footprint. Maybe you have outgrown your home as you’ve added new members to the family or you are ready to expand your entertaining space; perhaps you are figuring out how to welcome an elderly parent into the home and need more space. Whatever the reason, when you outgrow your house but still love the location, a room addition may be the perfect solution. Adding a media room, guest suite, extra bedroom and bathroom, or mother-in-law quarters can take your home from something you can deal with to somewhere you love to be.

Kitchen Remodels in Tarzana

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to make major impact. Not only does a kitchen remodel add resale value to the property, but it will be something you enjoy every day. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where most families do far more than cook and clean. Homework, family baking traditions, dance parties, and late night snacks all call the kitchen home. Many people also opt to remodel their kitchens with a design that is suited to entertaining in the kitchen, as well. If you are beginning to consider a kitchen renovation and don’t know where to start, ask yourself these questions:
  • What do I love about my kitchen now?
  • What are my current kitchen’s pain points?
  • How do I imagine myself using my dream kitchen?
  • Is the storage in my kitchen sufficient?
  • Are there any luxury features I would love to see in my kitchen?
  • How often do I plan to entertain? How many people would I like to be able to host?
Renovation Services in Tarzana

Bathroom Remodels in Tarzana

Looking for a way to update a house that is feeling a bit dated? Consider a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms tend to show the age of the house, especially if trendy finishes were chosen for flooring, tile, and other difficult to chance design elements. Embarking on a bathroom renovation with a goal to choose timeless design elements will be a choice your future self thanks you for. Keep up with design trends in the areas that are easy to change, like towels, art, hardware, and even light fixtures. A classic color palette and timeless choices for showers, baths, toilets, vanities, and flooring will make your bathroom beautiful for years to come. Ready to begin your home renovation in Tarzana? We would love to help. Contact us any time to get started.
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