Room Addition

Room addition is a kind of construction that involves some demolishing and some construction work. You have to be careful about room addition because it has some destruction work to your existing structure. We do not only build the rooms but also take care of designing your home.

Room addition may seem a small process but it includes many aspects like a big project.

  • First thing is getting permission. You may need permission for using extra space as well as demolishing the existing work. We will consider the plans where additional area is permissible to add in the construction work. If your existing construction is attached to some other construction, you will need permission ensuring no one’s property is being harmed.
  • Destruction is a part of renovation. You may need to empty the house or the area of house where room has to be added. Some destruction is essential for beautiful finishing of new and old construction. We take extreme care in protecting your construction and give you a strong final structure.
  • Room addition will require new construction. Though this is a common step where we build an additional space, it is essential to maintain the design of your whole structure unique. However, client will pre-decide these things in our meeting before work starts.
  • Finally, the most important part of room addition is finishing of design. We focus on art along with structure. Your house as a whole is a unique structure for you. We always ensure perfection in work, strength of the building and beautifully finished work where you will see no marks of additional construction.

Room addition needs careful addition of everything including electricity, plumbing, drainage etc. You can install new furniture in new room separately but plumbing and electricity of house remains linked. We take care of all these issues so you do not feel awkward with new addition after building.

We do not permit you to enter the demolished part of your house but this does not mean you cannot view it. Our clients get complete review with drone photography for their satisfaction. We understand your concern about the destruction happening to existing structure. You can also get updates on our software to review your room addition process. At every step, you will have complete information about the process. Transparency is what we offer to all our clients.

SK Home Designs and Remodeling provides best work for room addition in Los Angeles. You may contact to get information about required permissions. We have better resources to make this work easy. From beginning to end, you will see our attention to every minor detail. We believe in fast processing of work but not on the cost of designs. Our focus remains on completion of work with best quality.