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Tonelson Kitchen

Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2015
Project Price Range: $100,000 – $150,000
I’m under contract once again with Steve Kossover to gut-remodel our fairly large kitchen and breakfast room. Steve took us thru our two major bathroom remodels last year incl. a large Master Bath Spa that we collaboratively conceived. We were very happy both with the result and the entire process start to finish. This past month, Steve was instrumental in helping us focus and pinpoint what our kitchen remodel was all about. For instance, would we do a super open plan remodel involving removing a major bearing wall, or, would we create a formal dining room that we’d decided to turn in to a library last year when we first occupied the house; which caused us to be using our reasonably large brkfst day room AS our formal dining room which we weren’t totally thrilled about. But that’s the point. We have several good friends who are architects and I’ve queried them all regarding the many possible project of our new house. But frankly, I often found Steve just as intuitively familiar and up to speed regarding all the many possibilities, both pro and con, and most important, really helping us reach decisions that were best for us and how we actually live in our home rather than just more formal architectural considerations. And yet, those too were always in sight and carefully delineated. For me, a former interior designer myself, and a graduate of U.Tx School of Arch. M.ArchI 1985, I think that’s what’s been most unsual and distinctive and rewarding about working with Steven K. as I don’t consider the type level dialoguing that goes on between he and his clients to be typical. I think you are elevating things to a truly professional top-flight design and build level. I didn’t expect this type interaction with a contractor and I’d had quite a bit of experience with contractors in my own former career in home design and remodeling. So it was a special pleasure to get to work with Steve just as we are about to do once again next month. And I ask you, who else but Steve Kossover would know how to create aniline dye blue hi-gloss lacquer wood cabinets for our kitchen, not to mention locating for us the almost unheard of 36″ induction glass cooktop in other than black as well as a finish polish concrete floor that would protect us down the road from early 1990 construction that keeps us prisoner with plumbing pipes encased within the slab. Yeah, these are the type IMPORTANT issues and details that Steve is fully knowledgeable regarding and equipped with all the necessary resources to handle even the most unusual of design wishes, all the while keeping careful track of the variable costs and bang-for-buck value of various decision and selection alternates. BTW, it was really instrumental that Steve could also take us to see various completed projects to enable us to see exactingly the quality we were paying for and the many different range of options available to us. So, I must give credit to Steve ultimately deducing how to turn a 3bdrm 2.5bath home in to a 3bdrm 3bath home WITH A SEPARATE LIBRARY AND SEPARATE FORMAL DINING ROOM. Talk about re-sale value upgrade ! I’ll be posting again you can be sure once our kitchen is near completion and letting all houzz readers know how we are doing with clearly our new found fave home design/build and remodel contractor Steve Kossover.

Rizk Testimonial

Relationship: Client
Project Date: August 2012
Project Price Range: more than $100,000
The contractors were professional, friendly, and timely with all their appointments and interactions with us. The work was pretty thorough; we were able to discuss modifications and make changes to the original plans as needed, with some arm twisting at times, but it was done with a smile :)… The permits and all the leg work was handled efficiently by the contractors team. The job was a bit overpriced. All in all, great work and efficiency.

H. Carrillo Testimonial

Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2015
Project Price Range: more than $100,000
My wife and I have used Steve (SK Home Designz) for a complete roof replacement in 2011 prior to the current job he just completed which was a VERY large project consisting of a 464 foot add-on (including a full-kitchen remodel, master bedroom extension, cancel out/move/complete remodel of master bathroom, new master walk-in closet, new flooring throughout the house, new AC/Furnace, new tank-less water heater, new/upgrade of electrical panel, new recessed lighting, new stucco, etc.). We were very happy with the new roof so we decided to give Steve an opportunity to provide us with an estimate/quote along with the other 4-5 contractors bids we had already received (always important to shop around & see who not only gives you reasonable estimates, but who you feel comfortable & confident in as well). Cheapest is NEVER better as corners will be cut & material will be the absolute cheapest (of course they will never tell you that so be careful with trying to save money on your house which is your most important investment). Steve was not the cheapest bid by any means, the quote was on the higher end in regards to price for us, but he was not the most expensive either. The term, “You get what you pay” for is relevant in this instance and in most cases when dealing with home remodel/repair. When it came to such a large job, I did not want to go cheap or even average and I wanted to go with someone that I had the utmost confidence in as well as a certain comfort level. We were going back & forth between Steve & another contractor for our job, but ended up deciding on Steve due to the comfort level we had with him & the fact that he also is very familiar with kitchen & bathroom design (which helped out tremendously vs. hiring an interior designer). He did work with us on price a bit when comparing his quote with the other contractor we were considering. When dealing with such a large add-on with so many variables, I did not want to go cheap & I wanted a professional that could deliver in all aspects of the job. Steve fit the bill for us and he was very professional while delivering on all aspects of the job. As previously mentioned, he also was the only project manager that also assisted us with a 3D design of our kitchen & bathroom which was PRICELESS as my wife & I are both visual learners so we needed to see what everything looked like before we moved on with a commitment to the blue prints going to the city for approval (as most know, any changes thereafter can get pricey so the 3D images from Steve saved us some money even after going back & forth with changes). The job did take a bit longer than expected, but with such a large job we expected it to go over the estimated time of completion due to the city, inspectors, unforeseen issues with the project, etc.). Steve was with us every step of the way always making himself available & any issues that came up, he addressed them immediately. In conclusion, if you want to go cheap or want a “great deal”, please go somewhere else where corners will be cut but I warn you, you will get what you pay for and it will cost your more in the long-term (I learned this lesson the hard way a while ago & will never make the same mistake). If you are thinking of any type of home remodel project and/or addition, especially anything that has to do with kitchen or bathroom, then Steve is your guy. Don’t expect him to be the cheapest bid, but do expect him to be the absolute BEST! Steve provides a level of comfort & confidence that you need to make any project as less stressful as possible (I failed to mention that we were pregnant with our first baby during the project and Steve was very courteous & thoughtful in his approach with the project making us & our “growing family” a priority). We are completely happy with the final project and have gotten so many compliments on the work such as, “showroom kitchen”, “looks like a brand new house”, etc. Thanks once again Steve for taking care of us & we will definitely be in contact with you for our future home projects! Take care & good luck with your home project!
May 19, 2015 · last modified: May 19, 2015

C. Mallory Testimonial

Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2015
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Steve Kossover was referred to me by a friend. A few years ago, he worked for a company that remodeled her kitchen. He has now gone out on his own, as SK Home Designz, but she was confident I would be happy to work with him. Steve brought in Eli Romano of Romano Builders and I am extremely happy with the final product. They installed carpet in two rooms on my first floor, painted two rooms and the 3/4 bath and installed a new vanity, faucet, sink and light fixture in the 3/4 bath. The real work occurred upstairs in the master bathroom. Before, I often described it as the smallest shower I had ever seen in a master. Now, it would be fitting in a five star hotel. To achieve this stellar end result, the dressing room, bathroom and a portion of the closet had to be demolished, reconfigured and rebuilt. An entire corner of the house was gutted to the studs. Walls and doorways were moved and the shower was relocated from one wall to another. The craftsmen Steve and Eli brought in for all aspects of the project were top notched and sincerely cared about the final product. Also, the work progressed on schedule. There was no “disappearing contractor” problem. I chose the doors, vanity, tile and fixtures, but they made them work. I am extremely happy with the final product. I felt comfortable with the price given the work involved. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough and am looking forward to working with them on future projects. https://www.houzz.com/browseReviews/steve_kossover/sk-home-designz

S. Saedi Testimonial

Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2014
Project Price: $1,000-$9,999
SK Home Designz was fantastic! We hired them to replace our glass backsplash in our kitchen with white mosaic tile. Steve helped us every step of the way, He did an in person consultation and gave us a very affordable and fair estimate for the job and agreed to take it on, even though it was a smaller job than usual. The work was done in a timely manner– only three days– and we were really happy with the results. We definitely recommend them and would hire them again.
Like April 29, 2015

Jenkins Testimonial

First contact with SK Home Designz was though their website which has photos of their previous completed remodel work. Personal contact was with their project manager, Steve Kossover who was interested in my ideas for two bathroom remodels. He was very helpful with suggestions and in the planning and throughout the actual construction process . He was on site himself daily and was regularly in touch by phone with updates on the next steps. The project was completed on time and with efficiency and professionalism . Would definitely recommend them to friends interested in renovations in their home.

Leuchner Testimonial

Complete remodel of our kitchen, remove 2 walls and remove and reposition our water heater from the inside of the house to a tankless outside water heater. Member Comments: Provider came in and quoted for a complete kitchen remodel our house was built in 1951 so everything was out of date we wanted new wiring new water pipes new electrical and a tankless water heater removing the old water heater from inside our house plus we wanted 2 walls removed from the kitchen to open it up they showed up and took on this monumental job with vigor and speed and our contractor Steve kept us informed on every detail, since this was our first major construction job on our house we were nervous and kept asking questions and keeping up with each move that was made Steve eased our worries and made this whole deal so easy the 2 months that it took to tear apart get the permits and put this kitchen back together went by so quick they were on top of everything clean effortless and too the point on all projects. sit in my living room every night staring into the kitchen cant believe what they accomplished for us we are extremely grateful for all they have done for us, the way they brought our kitchen to life is amazing. we are planning our next project and cant wait to see what precise and Steve have in store for us next time.

Meyer Testimonial

I have a 1-bedroom condo. I had them rip out all the carpeting and the kitchen tile and replace with hardwood floors. I also had them do a complete demo and remodel of the kitchen…all cabinets, appliances, shelving, plumbing, electricity, counters…everything. Member Comments: This was my first remodel of any kind. Never been around it, never done it, never seen it. Steve was my general contractor/project manager from Precise. He was very nice and friendly and always wanted to do what was best for me and this project. I had a very limited budget and was looking to get the most out of it. In general, the project went well. Day one they did a complete demo of my kitchen and removed everything…including the appliances, which I didn’t expect. The flooring for the entire condo took one day to demo and just over a day to replace. I was very excited after the first week with everything that was accomplished. Beginning week two, I felt like everything came to a halt. There would be workers there one day and then no one for two days, or sometimes only for half a day. It went on like that for the next 6 weeks. What I thought was going to be a 4-week project (as that was what was estimated) actually ended up being a 7+ week project. Some of the delay was unavoidable complications that came up, but I felt that the project wasn’t managed (from a time management standpoint) as well as I expected. Steve was very good about explaining that delays were inevitable in construction, but as a first time renovator it was very frustrating. I personally felt that some of the contractors that were used perhaps caused unnecessary delays (as they sometimes had to go back and redo something they had already completed because it was done incorrectly). This may have been a direct result of my budget. The best example of this, was the cabinet install. Due to budgetary constraints, I purchased Ikea cabinetry instead of custom built. I assumed that since it was all prefabricated and each box came with an instruction manual there would be no issue – this was not the case. When I got home to review what had been done, many of the cabinets were not constructed properly, there were parts that had been used incorrectly and needed to be replaced. Steve was able to get his team to come back and fix much of it, though the double oven still sticks out a little further than it should (I’m not sure if that is a function of the cabinet install or the oven install). Ultimately they were able to fix everything, but my expectation of prefabricated cabinets being quicker was missed. Steve did his absolute best to belay any concerns I had during the process, and would go out of his way to make sure issues that came up were addressed. There were days he would run over after work hours to make sure he understood what I was talking about. He went the extra mile to try and make up for the frustrations I was having with timing and the cabinet install, including having his painter do a little more for me to make sure everything looked right. My kitchen came out great, even on a tight budget. It is amazing how much nicer my condo is after this renovation. Overall, I am very happy with the outcome and happy with the company. I look forward to my next renovation with the company and would recommend using them.

Barnett Testimonial

Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2014
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
Steve and his team are awesome! My deadline for a complete bathroom demolition was Thanksgiving and Steve finished on time and under budget in less than a month! Steve was with me every step of the way from design inception to referring all necessary vendors. I’ve had many compliments ! My favorite has been that my guests feel like they are in a 5 star hotel. You can’t find any better! February 22, 2015

Foley Testimonial

5 Stars
2 Bathrooms
Project Date: February 2014
Project Price: $50,000-$100,000
Steve Kossover, Project Manager, is a hands-on contractor. His conscientiousness and passion for what he does was beyond my expectations. His workers arrived on time and put in full days. Excellent work and great cleanup.

Chen Testimonial

5 Stars
Bathroom & Kitchen
Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2013
Project Price: $50,000-$100,000
Steve Kossover with SK Home designs is attentive and responsible. He knows what he is doing and I am very satisfied with results.

Schiff Testimonial

5 Stars
Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2014
Project Price Range: $50,000-$100,000
This company delivered absolutely the most gorgeous kitchen to me – very cooperative professionals, easy to work with project manager, who really cares that you get highest quality work. Expert craftsmen only. This is top of the line kitchen design for a reasonable price. They do not skimp on material quality either. November 8, 2014

Glymph Testimonial

5 Stars 2 Bathrooms Project Date: October 2014 Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999 I recommend Precise Home Builders. The office staff and site manager Steve were very efficient, timely, and pleasant. I hired them out of the 4-5 we interviewed due to the trust we felt in Steve. The best product by far that we encountered was the installation of the tile. Demolition was fast. Cleanup was impeccable daily. Steve worked well with both the employees and us and quickly adjusted to any changes that were experienced. I would hire Steve and his company again, January 23, 2015

Tonelson Completion

1 Bathroom & 1 Master Bathroom
Relationship: Client
Project Date: December 2013
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
We are now completed with two fairly major and large bathroom remodels with Precise Home Builders and we are extremely satisfied with their services and all the people from the organization we have had direct dealings with incl. our proj. manager (also our intial sales contact), the Chief of construction, the folks in the office as well as all their own trades-people and necessary auxillary contacts and trades they have used on or referred us to regarding our project incl. separate showrooms for plumbing fixtures, and all tile and stone cladding materials, as well as finish carpenters, tile and stone installers, cabinetmakers, wall-mirror and glass people, g.c. for permit required work to the exterior, etc. Our own Architect has also interfaced very productively and effectively with Steve K and we shall now seriously consider them for both an exterior addition to our home she is in the process of designing as well as a large exterior deck requiring significant engineering here in the hills of Silverlake. We’ve really enjoyed our experience with Precise Home Builders and in particular our project mgr. Steve K. and the Chief of Construction! Be happy to report in again down the road upon completion of our next remodeling projects. Lastly i wanted specifically to work in and on my home a totally hands-on project manager who i could feel comfortable wanting to contact 24/7 and who has stayed in constant contact with me incl. near daily site-visits as the work began, unfolded, continued and completed — never dropping the ball ! This has been a great experience and I’m really thankful knowing how stressful and chaotic home remodeling can oftentimes be.


Competency and efficiency best describe the services that Precise Home Builders brought to the beautiful renovation of my two bathrooms. The project manager, Steve K was forthright and accurate about the expected timing of the various steps in completing the job. The cooperation between us was outstanding and the project was finished on a timely basis.


We are in the midst of two fairly major and large bathroom remodels with Precise Home Builders and so far we are extremely satisfied with their services and all the people from the organization we have had direct dealings with incl. our proj. manager (also our initial sales contact), the Chief of construction, the folks in the office as well as all their own trades-people and necessary auxiliary contacts and trades they have used on or referred us to regarding our project incl. separate showrooms for plumbing fixtures, and all tile and stone cladding materials, as well as finish carpenters, tile and stone installers, cabinetmakers, wall-mirror and glass people, g.c. for permit required work to the exterior, etc. Our own Architect has also interfaced very productively and effectively with SK Home Designz and Precise Home Builders and we shall now seriously consider them for both an exterior addition to our home he is in the process of designing as well as a large exterior deck requiring significant engineering here in the hills of Silverlake California. We’ve really enjoyed our experience with Precise Home Builders and in particular our project mgr. Steve K. and the Chief of Construction Chaim ! Be happy to report in again down the road upon completion of our remodeling projects. Lastly i wanted specifically to work in and on my home a totally hands-on project manager who i could feel comfortable wanting to contact 24/7 and who has stayed in constant contact with me incl. near daily site-visits as the work began, unfolded, continued and completed — never dropping the ball !

B. Racine

Dear SK home designz and Steve Kossover,
I want to express my appreciation for the quality and dedicated work that you and the company provided to us, for my bathroom remodeling. Having heard about nightmare remodel construction projects that end in a nightmare, I am glad I waited and chose wisely. Your prompt professionalism, courtesy, and trustworthiness was worth waiting for, from beginning to the end of the project. I am very grateful and glad I waited and selected SK home designz and Steve Kossover as project manager after interviewing numerous home remodeling companies. Your sincere interest in the project itself, was evident and appreciated.
You were always available for any questions, advice, and were always on time with dedication to the project getting completed on time. Steve your team were always on time and committed to doing a good job. They made sure the job was completed to the customer’s satisfaction! Steve Kossover did an excellent job in explaining the project and ensuring it started on time. He made sure that everything went smoothly from start to finish and was very patient with me addressing every question I had throughout the project. I felt very comfortable leaving to work and knowing I could trust the workers getting the project done without any worries without me being there.
Thank you Steve for the follow up phone calls and ensuring the job was well done and met my expectations! I am very happy with my new bathroom and definitely will recommend you for future projects.
Thank You
B. Racine


Steve Kossover is an extremely talented contractor. When we were in the early planning stages of remodeling our home, we were uncertain of which colors, appliances, fixtures and materials to use for the remodeling of our kitchen, two bathrooms, living room and family room. Then we met Steve, who at first we thought was just another contractor who would build only what we asked of him. What we didn’t realize is that Steve also has architectural and interior decorating skills that he can bring to the table and he used these talents to both design and remodel the interior of our 1950s era home into the beautiful, trendy and modern domicile that it is today.
I would recommend Steve for any home improvement project. He does it all and has a great sense of humor too!

Mandel Testimonial – Roofing

Sooo I watched some of the videos on the site and tried to make it sound somewhat professional and not sound like some totally irresponsible valley girl all stoked on her awesome new roof. Which I am. But whatever.
“if you want something done right, do it yourself” That or you can hire Steve. In actuality they did a better job then I could ever have dreamed of doing myself. Steve took care of every detail imaginable, and was available anytime I had any questions or concerns. I have no doubt in my mind that he cared about the project and my home as much (or possibly more) then I do. They were on time and professional always! Not to mention the job was finished ahead of schedule and my house and yard left cleaner then before the job started.
The best part was during the day I would get pictures of the progress being made! I’d get excited when my phone would alert me to a new txt message containing pictures of my gorgeous new roof!! When the job was finished I received a CD with hundreds of photos from before/during/after the project.
I was so entirely impressed on what an awesome job they did I immediately hired them to remodel my bathroom. Something I had been putting off for a long time. I just could not find anyone I felt I could trust to do the job without constant supervision. Who has time for that? So far the bathroom is well on it’s way to completion and again the job is going smoother then expected!
Thanks Steve!!!!!

Mandel Bathroom Testimonial

After my roof was completed, I hired Steve again to remodel my entire bathroom. While this sounds like a standard job, it was really much more. I am a very an outdoorsy/low maintenance kind of person. I frequently camp with less then modern amenities or road trip at sleazy motels. When I partake in such activities I am aware that these bathing facilities often rival if not better my own. At some point I began to worry I might fall thru the subfloor…. I then knew it was time to remodel.
I had used Steve before and was thrilled with their attention to detail and attentive communication, so I happily hired them again for this major undertaking. My bathroom was completely gutted to studs and rebuilt to a high quality modern standard. New tight energy efficient window replaced the old rotted wood one. Insulation in the walls keeps the bathroom almost silent. I can no longer hear the rebellious teenagers next door lob death threats to their parents while taking a shower. The tile work was done artfully, every piece of trim and chair rail placed perfectly. Everything was exactly how I imagined but better.
I am still amazed at how quickly and efficiently Steve and his team worked. The entire job took less then three weeks. I was constantly informed of what was going on and what needed to be done. Every detail was taken care of, Steve was very helpful with making sure I had all the right things and all those things worked together. What originally seemed like an overwhelming task was really quite simple at least for me. My complete vision was seen thru, it looks ever better then I ever could have imagined.
Now that it’s done I keep waiting for someone to pinch me and wake up, because this surely cannot be the same bathroom. Every time I take a shower I feel like I’ve escaped into some swank hotel instead the glorified outhouse that previous stood between my bedrooms. The only problem is now I don’t want to go into the rest of the house. I just want to hang out in the bathroom!
Thanks again for the roof and bathroom remodels!!
V. Mandel

Shimin Guo Testimonial

My wife and I are very pleased with our new contemporary bathroom. Steve is an amazing project manager. He is always available to answer our questions and offered good suggestions. Like any home improvement project, this one had a few glitches, but we didn’t feel frustrated or stressed because Steve always had our back and we could always rely on him to take care of everything. The crew has excellent workmanship and always cleaned up after themselves. In the end, our bathroom turned out truly amazing. We feel that this is a respectable company to do business with, and Steve a responsible project manager committed to customer satisfaction. Will definitely hire Steve for future projects. Thanks,

Rick Mills Testimonial

Greetings Steve,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the great job you did replacing the balcony at our house. I’ve had a lot of work done on various properties I’ve owned and I have to say that Steve and his guys did an outstanding job. Your workers were careful, considerate, polite and most of all they cleaned up after themselves every day. The sheetrock guy you sent to repair the ruined ceiling below the once leaky balcony did an excellent job too. He also took it upon himself to make an additional small repair that had nothing to do with the leak you had fixed. That kind of extra attention to detail and great service is very rare these days and very much appreciated. I am so glad I chose you to do the job. I doubt I’d be writing a note like this if I had selected the lowest bid I received!
My best to you.
Rick Mills
Long Beach, CA

Steve Testimonial

Well what can I say, my wife and I were looking to have my kitchen redone and we spoke to my long time friend David who had his kitchen and some other work done around his house. I asked David if he was truly happy with Steve and if the experience was worth what he paid for all the work that was done. I also asked him if he would rehire them in the future to do additional work and he said ” For sure”.
His project manager Steve K, ironic we share the same first name, so he had to be a great guy :-)… so Steve came by our home to give us an estimate on our kitchen. He was unbelievable thorough and I didn’t realize how much was involved in creating a kitchen. He spent nearly 3 1/2 hours going over every detail. I was blown away with all this information and my wife was very intrigued about all the incredible kitchens he designed and was responsible for.
We of course asked if he could create something special and awesome for us at a price we could afford? He said he could work with our budget.
We agreed and decided to hire him and his company.
To make a long story short, the job went great with a couple of hiccups, but nothing too serious that would stop the job. Steve would always give us a schedule and what to expect on the job and we would call him a few times a week to ask him questions. He would always get back to us when he could and in the same day.
The job took about 6 weeks and within budget. Steve came about 3 months later to check on us and dropped off an unexpected gift.
It was just a great experience and would recommend Steve K to anyone that wants a job well done. They were not the least expensive company but with what they did for us the money was well spent and well worth all the mess of the demolition, to the completion of our incredible kitchen.
It’s now a pleasure to entertain and show off our kitchen.

Paula & Chester Testimonial

Steve was our project manager when we had our kitchen totally remodeled. We were pleased with his work and all of his efforts on our behalf. From the start and throughout the project he answered all questions and handled all concerns expeditiously. He was very clear and very easy to talk with about any concerns. We saw him almost daily or spoke directly with him on the phone.
We were most impressed when we wanted to change the layout for the already installed island. Steve came the following morning after I had spoken to him only briefly, about it, the day prior. He had the plans drawn up and was ready to place the change. We are very happy we had Steve and plan on working with him on future projects.
Paula & Chester P.

Mark & Delilah Lew

We want to thank Steve Kossover and everyone who worked on our kitchen remodel. Everyone – from the cabinet designers to the electricians, plumbers, tilework people and painters – was friendly, polite, informative and very professional. They showed up to work each day early, and always left the day with everything clean, tidy and organized. No question was ever too small or unimportant. Steve addressed every question or concern we ever had at any time. I believe the remodel was a huge success because we had excellent communication with Steve and his team.
Every step in the remodeling process went smoothly, quickly and efficiently. From the first day of demo to the final days of cabinet installation, painting and doing the final touches, Steve was there every step of the way. He was on top of each job that needed to get done.
We had a total kitchen remodel – all new cabinets and countertops, electrical and plumbing rerouted, new ceiling and floor, and one window removed and another window relocated. The complete job is very well done. Everything was finished within budget and completed within the time goal. And everything is gorgeous. Interior and exterior walls are smooth and seamless. The tilework on our floor and backsplash is superb. The finish on our cabinets is beautiful and rich. Every detail down to every nook and cranny was neat and precise. We really appreciate this very much.
Working with Steve and his crew was a fun and pleasant experience. We can tell that each person on the team is proud of the work they do. We really do recommend this company to every one we know who needs any job done to their home.
With much love and success to you all,
Mark and Delilah Lew

John & Elle

We are just thrilled with our new bathroom and all the remodel work that you all did for us. So often you hear about home remodel jobs that end in nightmares not dreams come true…we took our time researching remodelers before we decided. Steve Kossover did a great job in ensuring that the project got started on time so that we could move in as soon as possible. Steve ensured that all that was promised was delivered upon and fixed items as needed.
The new roof, exterior and interior paint looks so nice and vibrant. The tile work done in our spa themed bathroom is true tile artistry….you took our vision and made it a reality. We thank Steve and his team of skilled craftsmen for all the work that they put into our home.
Kind thoughts and appreciation,
John and Elle
Lakewood, CA

Moore Testimonial

Overall Excellent
Had our roof replaced and patio enclosure built – great experience overall. From past experience with other contractors getting commitment on times/completion dates had been a problematic. We were assigned a Senior Project Manager, Steve Kossover – extremely responsive and professional. Workmanship was solid and he hit his committed completion dates. He also facilitated all permits, and made sure his team didn’t impact our neighbors (which was a big concern). Having a good PM on the job makes a big difference, so we were fortunate to get Steve. Their price was comparable to other bids, but our leaning to decide to go with this company was the fact that they are established, and we got the warranty.
Liked: Value, Service
John Moore
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Hector C Testimonial

Let me first start off by saying that we were looking for quite some time (since February) to get our roof tear-off done as we had an annoying leak in a trouble spot on our roof that just refused to be fixed. We brought in numerous contractors who gave us their ridiculous and pushy sales pitches, outrageous prices, etc. which did not help with our comfort level. It wasn’t so much the prices, it was all about comfort for us as we didn’t want to feel that we made a bad decision just based on the price while going with an unknown company. There were some contractors that came in with decent prices, but we were very uncomfortable with in terms of communication. There were some that came in that we were comfortable with to some extent, but their prices were way out of the ballpark. We even brought some of the same contractors back for a 2nd quote which only further made us more confused & frustrated with the whole experience almost forcing us to quit the search & deal with our leak for another year! In comes Steve Kossover! Right off the bat, we were very comfortable with Steve who didn’t start talking business right away like the other contractors and even had a few jokes to put us at ease with this stressful and frustrating situation. He took the time to get to know my wife & I on a personal level and to see what were our needs exactly before going into the business side of the deal. None of the other contractors bothered to establish any rapport with us as people, instead they viewed us as another sale. Even if they did, it seemed so phony. Steve made us feel comfortable with not only himself, but with the long & well established company such as this one as well which was very important to us considering how long they have been in business for unlike most of the other companies that we considered. That tells us that they stand behind and guarantee their work to ensure 100% customer satisfaction for the long-term. Their price was not the cheapest, they were the company that we felt the most comfortable with considering the important job of our roof tear-off which supersedes a cheap price. Remember, you get what you pay for so be careful with going the cheap route. The work was done very quickly & efficiently! We were very happy with the craftsmanship of the work and can’t wait to test out the new roof come next rainy season! Thanks again Steve and all the other workers on the job! We look forward to a trouble-free roof for years to come … now it’s time for the next project. Yelp Hector C Sylmar Ca
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