Remodeling Services in North Hollywood

Remodeling Services in North Hollywood

If you are a homeowner in North Hollywood, you may find yourself loving your location while living in a home that leaves some things to be desired. When you do not want to give up the prime location of your property, but you find that you have outgrown it or the design is outdated, remodeling can be the ideal solution.Remodeling Services in North Hollywood

Our remodeling services in North Hollywood include subtle redesigns, fully custom new construction homes, and everything in between. Whether you are looking to update your kitchen or add a new wing to the home, check out our client testimonials to learn more about why we are exactly the team you need to transform your home into the one you are dreaming of.

Kitchen Remodeling in North Hollywood

The kitchen is one of the defining features of a home, setting it apart during a house hunting process and representing massive potential to increase property value. A newly renovated kitchen is one of the top features buyers are looking for, and that means it is also one of the home improvement projects with the best ROI.

Even if selling your home is nowhere in your plans in the next few years, a kitchen remodel will add functionality and beauty to your home while increasing the value of your asset. As you plan a kitchen remodel, consider these factors:

  • What are the current pain points in your kitchen, like the layout, an outdated look, or the size?
  • What are the top features you would find in your dream kitchen?
  • What could you add to your kitchen design to make your life easier?
  • How do you plan to use your kitchen beyond preparing meals? Will it be a gathering place, feature a family command center, or become another entertaining space?

Remodeling Services in North HollywoodOur experienced designers can help you identify your ideal kitchen remodel plans and create a kitchen that is ideally suited for your unique style and needs.

Bathroom Remodeling in North Hollywood

Remodeling the bathrooms in your home is another great way to make the home more functional and enjoyable for you now while increasing its value. Bathroom renovations have some of the best ROI of all home improvement projects.

To get the most out of your bathroom remodel in North Hollywood, choose timeless design for the most significant components of the bathroom, like the flooring and fixtures. Incorporate design trends and your personal style in the elements that can be more easily changed in the future, like paint color and hardware.

Room Additions in North Hollywood

If you find yourself feeling crowded in your home, or concerned about changes in your household and how your current home will accommodate them, a room addition can be the perfect solution. Many of our clients find that by adding a new bedroom and bathroom or expanding the living area, they can continue to love their home even as their needs change.

A room addition is particularly ideal if you find yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • You love the location of your home because of the neighborhood, school district, or commute but the house itself doesn’t work for you.
  • Now is not a good time to move, but you have outgrown your home.
  • In the near future you plan to welcome additional household members, like a new baby or aging parent.

New Construction in North Hollywood

When you cannot find a home on the market that meets your needs, building a custom new construction home in North Hollywood may be the right choice. Our designers are equipped with advanced 3D technology to help you fully visualize your designs before we ever begin construction. That means you can work collaboratively with our team to design a home that meets all your needs, including your personal style and budget.

To learn more about how we can help you remodel your home in North Hollywood, contact us any time.

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