We Give Back

We Give Back

At SKHD Remodel we focus on being a part of your design and creating in your home. Our homes are where we spend most of our time so many of us focus on making it the best we can to provide the utmost comfort. When we give into home repairs or projects it is so important that we use wit. licensed general contractors who time pride in their work ethic and the relationships they have built with their clients. That is what we strive to do at SKHD Remodel, but even more importantly we were to be a part of a community that gives back.

We Give BackThe Fluffball Foundation

We are proud to be giving back to the Fluffball Foundation. The Fluffball Foundation was created in 2009 by Emmanuelle Vaugier. This foundation supports many different animal rescues and organizations in the US. They are incredible and focus on helping to fund charities that work on behalf of animals. Emmanuelle created The Fluffball Foundation in response to natural disasters and the need for quick animal rescue response. This was initiated after the Malibu Fires. “Destructive hurricanes and the Malibu wildfires not only affect thousands of people living in these areas but also countless animals and pets who are often left behind as people flee to safety.”-Emmanuelle

The Fluffball is an exclusive invite-only event that has grown exponentially since the first one in Emanuellle’s home in 2009. They have been able to raise funds for the Utah-based organization Best Friends Animal Society, which launched a successful No Kill LA (NKLA) campaign in Los Angeles.

One of the best ways you can help the Fluffball Foundation is by attending their fundraising events, donating online or at auctions, or becoming a beneficiary. The Fluffball Foundation relies on its followers and those that support them financially and by spreading awareness.

“The Fluffball Foundation works to support various organizations focused on animal rescue and wellbeing efforts across the United States through various fundraising efforts. The Fluffball Foundation focuses primarily on the horse and dog-related charities, as those are causes close to Emmanuelle’s heart. The Fluffball Relief Fund will serve as a separate funding stream for these emergencies specifically. My goal is to have funds that can be pulled from at a moment’s notice and donated to help buy supplies, pay for services, or other efforts to help rescue animals who are trapped or in danger.”- The Fluffball Foundation

In Conclusion

For more information on how you can support the Fluffball Foundation, check out their website. We are happy to support them in all of their efforts to assist animals with the necessary resources.

If you are looking to remodel or redesign your home to create a better flow and comfortable environment, contact us. We would be happy to help you with all of your dream home ideas. not only is it important to us that you love your home and have created a space you are proud of, but it is also important that we give back to others including our cherished fluffy palls.

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