Underrated Touches to Level Up your Renovation

As you plan your home renovation project, there are a few elements that are often overlooked, yet make a big impact. The finishes you choose, the unseen elements of the design, and the subtleties you incorporate will end up making all the difference. To take your renovation to the next level and achieve a luxurious dream home, consider some of these underrated touches.

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Underrated Touches to Level Up your RenovationHoping to brainstorm a few ideas for your renovation? Consider these. Underrated Touches to Level Up your Renovation

Upgrade Your Trim and Baseboards

When we picture our dream home, we tend to focus on the main elements like the floor plan or the luxury kitchen design we have had in mind. Don’t forget that the trim and baseboards you choose can elevate any design to the next level. Allocating some of the renovation budget for high end trim is something you may not think of at first, but the subtle impact it makes will elevate your design significantly.

Incorporate Smart Home Features

Some smart home features can be added any time, while others are most easily incorporated during the remodel process. As you plan your design, consider which smart home features might add value to your life, including:

  • Smart appliances in the kitchen or laundry room
  • Smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely
  • Garage door openers attached to smart home apps, allowing you to check if the door is closed and open it from anywhere
  • Security features, including smart locks, doorbells, and cameras
  • Fully automated lighting and outlets

Focus on Energy Efficiency

Investing in energy efficient design choices will likely end up saving you money in the long run, and will definitely be better for the planet. Choose energy efficient appliances, windows, and insulation to decrease your carbon footprint while making your home for cost efficient and comfortable. You might also decide to add a gray water system, collecting water from your home to recycle for irrigation around the property. Adding solar panels is another way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, and is a project you may be able to incorporate into the remodeling process.


A home that has built-in features will immediately be elevated to a luxury level, providing a custom design that is both functional and beautiful. Consider adding built in cabinetry or other custom elements in your living room, media room, home office, primary bedroom, kitchen, garage, or really anywhere in the home.

In many homes, this is the ideal way to increase the storage space without sacrificing square footage to add closets or storage rooms. It also eliminates the challenging hunt for furniture that perfectly suits a space, allowing you to design something fully custom to meet the needs of the room.

Lighting Fixture and Natural Lighting

Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of lighting during a design project. While you may not think you notice lighting, it makes some of the biggest impact on the way a space feels. This includes both the lighting fixtures you choose and the natural lighting source in the home.

Increase the natural light in each room as much as possible, adding skylights, solar tubes, and large windows anywhere you can. Be mindful about the placement of chandeliers, sconces, and recessed lighting to create the ambiance you want in each room after the sun goes down. With the right combination of natural and artificial light, your home will have the feel you have always wanted.

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