Choose a Trim Style to Upgrade Your Luxury Home Remodel

The difference between a standard and a luxury home is often in the details. Sure, the size and scope of the home can make it feel grand, but luxurious touches and high end details are what truly elevate the design. One of the best ways to upgrade your home remodel and make it feel more luxurious is by adding trim to the design.

Choose a Trim Style to Upgrade Your Luxury Home RemodelWe can help you create a home remodel plan that you can fall in love with, incorporating your personal taste, your lifestyle, your budget, and your home’s unique characteristics. Before deciding to remodel your home in Southern California, contact us to find out how we can use our advanced 3D technology to generate a design you will love.

As you plan your project, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, a bathroom renovation, or anything else, consider some of these trim options to elevate the project.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a classic trim option that elevates the look of a home and can increase its resale appeal. It is installed in the corner where the walls meet the ceiling and is available in a variety of styles ranging from simple and minimal to detailed and ornate.


Baseboard trim serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Functionally, it protects the walls from damage caused by furniture, feet, or anything else at the base of the wall. It also covers the gap between the wall and the floor. Aesthetically, it provides a more finished look and is a canvas to showcase your preferred architectural style.

Quarter Round

Quarter round, named for its shape as a quart of a round dowel, is the perfect trim to be placed in a corner that needs a subtle transition or to cover a gap. The most common place you will find it is at the base of a wall or a baseboard where it meets the floor. Some people like the finished look provided by installing quarter round in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling, or around built-in cabinetry features.

Chair Rail

Chair rail is named for the functional purpose it serves, in addition to the decorate element it provides. When chair rail is installed, it protects the walls from furniture bumping into or scratching the paint on the walls. While the primary purpose of chair rail was originally to protect the walls, many homeowners choose to install it for the traditional decorative look it adds to the space.

Picture Rail

Picture rail is a style of trim some homeowners like to use to make it easy to hang pictures. It is a horizontal trim piece installed about 3/4 of the way up the wall, allowing you to hang the frame or artwork directly from the rail rather than putting a hole in the wall.


Wainscoting is a classic trim option to elevate a room, often installed in foyers, staircases, hallways, and dining rooms. It is paneling that is installed on the lower portion of the wall, sometimes topped with chair rail trim. If you like the idea of a statement wallpaper, wainscoting can create the perfect way to showcase a print or pattern you love in a subtle way that doesn’t cover the entire wall.

Picture Frame

Some home designs call for more built in elements and trim to achieve a traditional aesthetic. Picture frame trim is a classic way to accent beautiful art and photos. The trim is installed to frame the frame, placed in a complementary shape to the art you plan to hang. This is not the right move for you if you like to change up your decor regularly, but if you have a room in the home where the decor is expected to stay the same for a while, picture frame trim can add a more finished touch.


Casing goes around doors and windows, and can be done in a variety of styles. This is type of trim is both decorative and practical, much like a baseboard. In addition to creating a high end look and making a design statement, casing covers any gaps between the wall and the window or door. You can opt for a minimal design or something more ornate, depending on your personal aesthetic, and enjoy the same practical benefits either way.

Plate Rail

Plate rail is perfect for an elevated, custom look while also creating a built-in decorative surface. It is essentially a narrow shelf that is installed usually in the middle of the wall or 2/3rds of the way up. Traditionally, this type of trim was the perfect place to display decorative plates. Many homeowners now put their own spin on this classic design by using it to display picture frames and other decorative elements.

Rosettes and Plinths

Rosette trim is a square piece of wood with a floral or round design in the center of it. These are usually used in casing or baseboard trim, often to provide a decorative look in the corner. They add a sophisticated and traditional look that is a step above the basic trim options.

If a rosette is a bit too much for you, consider a plinth instead. These are more minimalist option that add architectural interest to a doorway or window casing.


Batten trim is a way to elevate paneling. If you install any panels in your decor, batten is a trim option that can be placed over the vertical seams. This is a great way to add a polished look and give the paneled wall a more finished appearance.

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