Top Bathroom Remodel Trends in 2023

Top Bathroom Remodel Trends in 2023Wondering what the design trends are this year for bathroom remodels? We have a list of the top trending design choices, and a team of professionals ready to help you implement them.

Our happy client testimonials speak for themselves, but if you would like to know more about how we use advanced technology to develop a design you will love, contact us any time. Renovating your bathrooms is a great way to increase property value while making your home more beautiful and functional. Consider these trending design ideas to make your bathroom remodel everything you are hoping it will be.

2023 Bathroom Remodel Trends

Double Sink Vanity

Because shared bathrooms are common in many homes, a double sink vanity is one of the most desirable features for homeowners in 2023. Sharing a bathroom becomes easy and convenient when you don’t also have to share a sink.

Consider a change to the bathroom layout if necessary to accommodate adding an extra sink to your vanity. This element will increase resale appeal, while making the space more comfortable and convenient for you in the meantime.

Modern Lighting

Lighting is one of the most often overlooked design elements, but it makes some of the biggest impact when it comes to bathroom remodels. Strategically placed lighting can shape the atmosphere of the space. We can talk about smart home technology features to allow you to customize lighting, with settings for a zen, spa-like atmosphere or a bright natural light for applying makeup.

A bathroom is a great place to make a statement with a dramatic light fixture, including lighting within a walk-in shower or a beautiful chandelier above the tub. Lighted mirrors are another way to elevate the bathroom while making it more conducive to applying skincare and makeup.

Rain Shower and Dual Shower Heads

Large walk-in showers with spa features are trending this year, but they are also a timeless bathroom design element that adds comfort, luxury, and functionality to the space. In 2023, rain shower and dual shower heads are popular to create that luxurious shower experience.

To make the most of your shower design, incorporate a combination of a rain shower, hand held, standard, and body sprays for a customizable spa shower experience. We can help you design a luxury spa shower that will have you just as excited about your own bathroom as you would be about a spa.

Built-in Storage

Storage is a top feature that buyers look for in a home, and it upgrades the functionality of the space. Built-in storage is one of the best ways to get the custom, luxury bathroom you want. Custom cabinetry in a bathroom can be designed specifically around what you plan to store, even if it is unique. The best part about renovating your bathroom is making it exactly your own, whether you want to prioritize cosmetic and skincare organization, linen storage, or an accessible spot for household supplies.

Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs can offer a luxury appeal while also being an architectural design statement in the bathroom. Choose from freestanding or built-in designs in a variety of styles to blend your desired shape, size, and aesthetic. A soaking tub is a key element to make your bathroom feel like a sanctuary, and that luxury appeal can be achieved in a wide range of price points.

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