Timeless vs. Trendy Design Choices for your Home Renovation

Timeless vs. Trendy Design Choices for your Home RenovationTimeless vs. Trendy Design Choices for your Home Renovation – Designing your dream home involves a long list of decisions big and small, and it’s not uncommon to feel a bit daunted by the process. One way to help narrow down your choices is to divide your design choices into two categories: timeless and trendy. Coming up with a design you love requires thought and planning, but with the right team or professionals on your side you won’t have to be overwhelmed by the process.

Our experienced designers, using advanced 3D technology that can help you accurately visualize each decision before we put it in place, will help you choose the home that ideally suits your lifestyle, personal design aesthetic, budget, and timeline to achieve the home you’re dreaming of. Contact us any time to learn more.

Timeless and Trendy Design: What’s the Difference

Let’s talk about what we mean when we say timeless or trendy. Timeless design choices are those that never go out of style. Some finishes, color palettes, and floor plans are just as appealing 20 years after they were chosen as they were the day they were installed. Trendy designs, on the other hand, stand out and catch your eye. Following trends, they have a tendency to show the newness (or outdatedness) of a design.

There are pros and cons to each choice. Trendy designs are a great way to make a major statement, and give the undeniable impression that the home is newly renovated. Of course the natural con of this choice is that it will more quickly look outdated. If you enjoy renovating regularly and keeping up with trends, this may not be a con for you at all. Timeless designs may be less exciting and new, but will look just as good when you plan to sell your home in ten years as they do today.

An Ideal Blend

For many clients, the best option is a combination of both timeless and trendy design choices. By strategically implementing the two, your home design can draw from the pros of each.

Where to Go Timeless

The most strategic way to divide up your design choices between timeless and trendy is to consider which elements are most challenging, time consuming, or costly to change. These are the parts of the design that we recommend keeping to timeless design choices. This includes:

  • Flooring
  • Tile
  • Bathroom fixtures like tubs, showers, and toilets
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Floor plan

This list is just a starting point, but the idea is to make design choices you will love for decades to come (or will be easy to market when resale time comes around) for any part of the home that is difficult to change in the future.

Where to Add in Trendy Touches

There are plenty of ways to customize your design in a trendy way that can be more easily adapted as trends change or when you tire of the look. Some of the perfect places to include a trendy design choice are:

  • Paint colors
  • Hardware
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Artwork
  • Accent furniture

Think of your trendy design choices as the accessories to your look. Much like a classic suit or little black dress can be accessorized with trendy shoes for an updated look, your timeless home design can be subtly, easily updated with a new paint color that won’t require another full renovation.

To get started on the design process for the dream home you will love for years to come, contact us any time.

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