Home Remodel Ideas: Use the Space Under Your Stairs in One of These Creative Ways

An overlooked renovation idea for many homeowners with a two story home is utilizing or transforming the space under your stairs to be more functional. One of the perks of remodeling your home in Southern California instead of buying a new one is the ability to customize each space to be exactly what you need. Whether it’s the aesthetic, the budget, the storage systems, or the layout, you get to decide exactly how the project will be. With out advanced 3D technology, each aspect of your home remodel will be easy to envision, not requiring any imagination to fully visualize your new home before we even begin.

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If you are planning a remodel and have stairs in the design, either because you already have a two story home or because you plan on a home addition that will add an upper level, don’t forget to take full advantage of the space under your stairs.

Ways to Use the Space Under Your Stairs

Home Remodel Ideas: Use the Space Under Your Stairs in One of These Creative WaysStorage

A classic use for space under your stairs is storage. No matter the type of stairs you have or what room they are in, chances are you will like having customized space and additional storage. Consider these storage options for your stairs, depending on where they are located in the home and what type of storage your current home may be lacking:

  • Supplemental pantry space or emergency food and supply storage
  • Toy closet
  • Board game organization
  • Extra home decor, like seasonal decorations
  • Suitcases or other large items you want to keep out of the garage
  • Cleaning supplies and paper goods
  • Picnic, pool, or beach supplies

Drop Zone

Many households benefit from a “drop zone,” a designated place to set everything down as you enter the house. If you don’t plan one, you likely will fall into a habit of a default drop zone that may be unintentional, like a kitchen island or the floor by the front door.

Under your stairs can be the perfect drop zone if it is near an entrance to the home. You won’t have to worry about the cluttered appearance if you create a closet under the stairs, able to simply close the door to get the mess out of sight.

Consider adding hooks for backpacks, jackets, or purses and some cubbies for shoes and miscellaneous items. This is also a great place to store umbrellas, off-season outerwear, and even bike helmets, reusable grocery bags, water bottles, or other items you frequently grab on your way out of the door.

If your home design does not feature a mudroom, consider using the space under your stairs to create a mini mudroom of sorts.

Wet Bar or Butlers Pantry

Some stairs won’t accommodate this idea, but if you have an L-shaped staircase or a unique layout with space that has enough room to comfortably stand up, you might like installing a built-in wet bar or butler’s pantry. This can make entertaining more fun and take your hospitality to the next level.

Store your liquor bottles, mixers, and cocktail gadgets in this area and consider having plumbing and an outlet run to the area so you can install a sink, wine cooler, and mini fridge.

Art Display

The slope of the staircase is already visually interesting, and is often the perfect place for a gallery wall or another type of art display. You might simply hang your artwork under your stairs, or we can take it a step further and install artwork spotlights, a picture ledge, or an alcove to frame a favorite piece.


Even if your stairs do not leave significant depth for a storage space, you may have enough room to install custom shelving. This can be great for many uses, depending on the location of your stairs in the home.

You might like using this space to store and display cookbooks, or decorate the shelves with artwork and souvenirs. It is also a great place to keep any homework or books that you want to access easily. Shelving can also be enclosed with doors or hold baskets to store less attractive items that you want easily accessible from the main living area, like charging cords, remotes, car keys, or pet supplies.

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