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New Construction Homes Los Angeles

Sometimes the best way to find your dream home is to design it yourself. Starting from scratch may sound daunting, but with the right team of professionals on your side you can design the home that suits your style, household size, budget, and lifestyle perfectly. With our expert team of designers, commitment to high quality craftsmanship, advanced 3D technology, and network of licensed contractors, we have all the ingredients that are necessary for a successful custom new home construction in Los Angeles.

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Why Choose SKHD?

Choosing the right team of professionals is essential for the success of your custom new home build. Begin by looking at our client testimonials, which speak for themselves. With a high rate of return customers and customer referrals, we have built a reputation for high quality work, clear communication, and professionalism.

We are committed to working with licensed contractors, and are ourselves fully licensed and insured to provide you with total peace of mind.

Our advanced technology and 3D rendering is another reason people love working with us. You won’t have to depend on blueprints or two dimensional drawings to make your selections. Immerse yourself in a realistic, three dimensional rendering of the design before any construction begins to make sure it is everything you’re dreaming of. This is just one way that we work efficiently to make sure your dreams become reality.

The New Construction Process

As you likely imagine, the custom new construction process is the most involved of the services we provide. At each step along the way, we will make sure the design is completely satisfactory and meets all building codes to be fully permitted. While this commitment to quality can sometimes mean a slower timeline, it means the work will be done correctly the first time; you can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with a job done right.

Our new construction process will begin with a meeting between you and our designers. Using our 3D rendering, our designers can help you fully visualize the plans to make sure everything is what you are hoping for. Choosing the layout, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, unique features, and each detail of the design are all part of the fun of designing a custom home.

After the initial design has been set, plans will be submitted for approval and blueprints will be created. We will then put together a team of trusted, reputable contractors and get to work on building your dream home. You will continue to be supported by our team as you select finishes, colors, and features for the home along the way.

For inspiration, check out our blog to get fresh ideas to take your home design from good to spectacular! Whether it’s choosing your bathroom flooring or deciding what you want in your kitchen design, each detail matters and we are here to help you plan a home you will love forever.

To learn more about building a custom new construction home in Los Angeles, contact us any time.

of every decision and work for building what you desire. For all size of construction work, we have same policies and each work is given equal importance.

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