Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes is part of dressing up your kitchen. It serves as eye candy. It adds that extra something to the look of your cabinets and counters, without it the kitchen just doesn't look finished and become a bore. Adding backsplash also gives it a focal point when guests come into your kitchen. Not everyone is a like and when you invite guests to your kitchen, each person may find something more special about your kitchen. Some may fine the cabinets the big impression, another may be more drawn to your counters and another will find your backsplash to be the be all.

Backsplash can come in different shapes and materials. My favorite is tile. 100's of different tiles to choose from to bring out whatever it is you want from your kitchen. So many colors, textures and designs of tile to make your kitchen just wow anyone who comes into your kitchen. I'm not a bog proponent of the backsplash to be the same as the counter. It's just way too boring. It's needs more. It just blends in with the counter. The counter and cabinets need something between them that will bring out the beauty and bring them together at the same time. It's a contrast for the kitchen. Don't match them to the anything, have them be on their own and it will bring out the cabinets and counters. When everything matches, it just makes your kitchen boring and missing that extra ooompf!

All the beautiful kitchens you've seen on this site and on or other sites and magazines emphasize backsplash as a big part of the kitchen. Understand that guests will talk about your kitchen and may even ask you questions about your kitchen. To me that is ultimate compliment when a person would say, what an amazing kitchen, where did you get you backsplash tile or what great colors and/or style? It makes your kitchen more relevant.

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