Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be a frustrating project for many homeowners. The tiny footprint can make your choices seem quite limited, especially if expanding the space is not an option. We understand how difficult it can seem to redesign a small bathroom, but with the right strategy there are actually many ways to maximize the efficiency and enjoyment a small bathroom has to offer, without making it larger.

1. Pay attention to ventilation

One of the most common frustration with small bathrooms is a lack of proper ventilation. Small bathrooms have a tendency to trap moisture and end up with a musty smell or, worse, mold. To avoid mold and mildew while adding a freshness to the space, install a high quality, ducted exhausted fan that is connected to a timer.

Without expanding the bathroom at all, you can immediately make it feel more fresh and open when you stop allowing moisture to be trapped inside.

2. Install a pocket door

A traditional swinging door can become annoying in a small bathroom when it clashes with opening drawers or cabinets. It can also make the space feel crowded when you maneuver around the space. To avoid this and make the room feel larger, consider installing a pocket door, which slides inside the wall on a track.

3. Opt for a glass shower

Showers with frameless glass doors can give the feel of a larger space without actually making it any bigger.  A shower curtain cuts the bathroom in two visually, while glass tricks the eye. By eliminating the visual barrier of a shower curtain, your bathroom benefits from the illusion of a deeper room.

4. Address the lighting

Having proper lighting goes a long way toward making a space feel spacious. Consider installing a larger window in place of the existing window, or adding a window above the shower if possible to take advantage of natural light.

If your small bathroom does not have a window or space to install one, consider installing a solar tube to funnel sunlight in through the roof rafters and brighten the space. If this is not an option because of a second story above the bathroom or another complication, consider installing better lighting in the form of an attractive fixture or multiple fixtures. Good lighting goes a long way toward making the space feel clean and fresh.

5. Consider a space saving toilet

To minimize the footprint of the toilet, consider a wall hung toilet, where the tank is hidden inside the 2×6 stud wall, allowing for 9 inches of extra space in the center of the room. Depending on the layout of your home, you may also be able to create a niche in the wall to tuck the toilet in. Keep in mind that moving the toilet from its original location can be costly if the relocation is significant.

6. Utilize large mirrors

Look for a massive mirror to replace the existing mirror. While it may seem logical to use a smaller mirror in a smaller bathroom, a larger mirror will actually make the space feel larger, reflecting light better and giving the optical illusion of double the space. A single, large mirror will make the biggest impact in a small bathroom, even if there is a double vanity to consider.

7. Look for unique ways to add storage

One of the most common complaints about small bathrooms is limited storage. Maximize the storage in the bathroom by looking for creative places to add shelves, drawers, or baskets. Try installing a generous chair rail that can act as a shallow shelf or build over the toilet shelves or cabinets. Medicine cabinets are another great way to maximize storage space.

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