Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving – Most homeowners will at some point look around at their house and realize it no longer fits their needs the way it did when they purchased it. At this point, a choice has to be made to look for a different house, or transform the one you are in to become something that you love again.

If you are wondering whether a remodel, room addition, or other renovation might be the right fit for the home you have outgrown, contact us any time. We can help you design a new and improved version of your current how that you will love for years to come.

There are plenty of reasons you might choose to renovate rather than moving. Here are a few to get your pros and cons lists going.

Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

1. You love your neighborhood and/or neighbors

When you move to a new house, you are taking a bit of a gamble on who your new neighbors will be. If you currently love your neighbors, keep in mind that this community may not be something you want to give us. This is also true of the neighborhood itself. If you love how easy it is to walk to your favorite park, the community amenities, or the way everyone puts in a little extra effort with holiday decor, pay attention to how you might feel if you gave those things up.

2. The commute time is perfect

You’ve heard it said before that the location of your home is one of the most significant factors, because it’s the one thing you can’t change. If you currently have a commute time to work, school, or your favorite activities that is convenient, giving that up may not be something you are willing to consider. Finding another home that will work for you with a location that provides the same commute may prove to be virtually impossible.

The same applies if you love the school district you are in, are close to extended family members, or enjoy being near your favorite coffee shop. These small details are all part of what makes your house feel like home.

3. You are sentimentally attached to this home

Many homeowners find that while the home itself is no longer working for them, they feel totally attached to it because of all the memories made there. Maybe you brought your children home from the hospital to this house, your child got married in the back yard, or you started you first business in this living room. Whatever the reason, the sentimental value of the home is worth taking into account.

4. You don’t want to deal with real estate transactions in the current market

One of the most practical reasons people might choose to renovate or add on to the home instead of moving is the current real estate market. If selling and buying right now does not make sense for you financially, or you simply don’t want to deal with the competition of a hot market, transforming the home you already own may be your best course of action.

In addition to the real estate deal itself, the process of getting financing, preparing a home to list and show, and moving may be more than you want to take on.

5. Even if you purchase a new house, you will likely want to renovate it

There is no harm in checking around to see what houses are on the market. If you find that with each online listing you are already making mental notes of what you would like to change about it, why not skip a major step and just renovate the home you already have?

To learn more about renovating your home or talk with one of our designers about how you might be able to transform your current house into your dream home, contact us any time.

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