Planning Your Remodel with the Future in Mind

Planning Your Remodel with the Future in Mind – A home renovation comes with a long list of decisions, from major choices like what type of floor plan changes you’d like to make to small details like hardware and trim paint color. To help you plan the remodel that you are dreaming of, our designers work with advanced technology to provides a 3D rendering of the plans so that you can fully picture each aspect of the renovation.

One of the best ways to guide your decision-making processes during a home renovation is to plan with your future in mind. Thinking not just of what you’d like to have now, but what you will enjoy for the time you plan to live in the home and what will add the most resale value to it for the future, will help you choose the right design elements for your unique scenario.

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Planning Your Remodel with the Future in Mind

How long will you live in this house?

First, consider how long you plan to own this home and how long you plan to live in it. This will help guide many of your decisions as you consider whether you need to be sure it can grow with you, or whether resale value should be a primary concern.

If this is planned to be your forever home, resale value and design choices that will appeal to a wide range of buyers don’t need to be a priority. On the other hand, if you expect to sell this home in 5 years, your future self will thank you for remodeling in a way that provides a significant ROI when it’s time to list the home.

Will your household grow?

Do you plan to grow your family by welcoming more children in the future? Keep them in mind during your renovation plans by making sure the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will accommodate your growing family. You may also want to add extra living space, playroom, or theater to the design to have something to grow into.

Another way you might anticipate your household growing during the time you plan to live in it is by welcoming other family members. Perhaps you expect to become full-time caregivers for an aging parent or disabled sibling in the next few years. Keeping this in mind, you can design a floor plan that will have space for them when the time comes. You may even want to consider a room addition, where you can add a small apartment with its own entrance or a bedroom with an ensuite.

Do you want this to be your last remodel?

Another factor to keep in mind is the balance between design trends and timeless finishes. If you are hoping to remodel this home once to enjoy for years to come, opt for timeless design choices in all the major parts of the remodel. This includes flooring, kitchen counters and cabinets, and floor plan choices.

You can add in subtle nods to design trends you like in ways that are easy to swap out when you tire of the look. Some of the best places to infuse trendy design ideas into your home include paint colors, lighting fixtures, hardware, and faucets. These are all great places to make a statement, but can each be changed for relatively little investment in the future if you are ready to try something new.

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