Planning to Remodel Your Home for Your Retirement Years

Planning to Remodel Your Home for Your Retirement YearsAs you prepare for the retirement phase of your life, there are some unique considerations you may want to keep in mind for your home remodel. Designing your home remodel should be done not just based on current trends or what home improvements have the best ROI, but also on your unique lifestyle and needs.

We can help you design a home remodel that ideally suits your lifestyle in retirement, utilizing out advanced 3D technology to make sure you can clearly visualize the plans before we ever put hammer to nail. Contact us any time to learn more about our design process, and keep reading for ideas you may want to incorporate into your home remodel for your retirement years.

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Home for Retirement

Making Your Design Grandkid-Friendly

Do you expect your retirement years to include grandkids? Whether you currently have grandchildren or expect to in the future, consider how your remodel might incorporate some kid-friendly features that make it easy to welcome your grandchildren into the home.

Depending on your grand-parenting style, the number of grandchildren you have, and other factors unique to you, here are some features you may want to incorporate into the design:

  • Aesthetically pleasing, built-in baby gates
  • Bunk room or other dedicated sleeping space for kids
  • Playroom, game room, or home theater
  • Special kids’ hideout, like an under-the-stairs closet or a small room with a secret entrance

Preparing to Welcome an Elderly Parent

If your retirement years are likely to include care taking for a parent, it might make sense to begin preparing for that now. Whether it mean adding an ADU to your property for your aging parent, building a semi-private apartment, or just making sure there is a wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom, make sure your home remodel design is put together with the future in mind.

Accessibility for Aging in Place

Aging in place is a priority for many homeowners, who want to maintain their independence and live in their own homes as long as possible. Much like planning ahead to welcome your aging parent, you should plan your home remodel with your own potential future needs in mind.

Depending on the scope of your remodel, it may be easy to prioritize accessibility and aging in place features, or it may present more of a challenge.

These are some of the features you may want to prioritize:

  • Hallways, entryways, and kitchen areas large enough to easily maneuver with a walker or wheelchair
  • At least one full bathroom and bedroom on the main floor
  • At least one exterior door with a wheelchair accessible entrance and no tripping hazards
  • Smart home technology that can be voice or motion activated as needed, including lights for any dark passageways, smart thermostats, easily controlled window coverings, and more
  • Choose hardware and shower fixtures that are easy to control even with arthritis or other mobility challenges

Designed for Hosting

Do you dream of hosting holidays, family gatherings, dinner parties, and more during your retirement years? Spend some time thinking about your dream hosting space and the types of gatherings you like to plan. You may find that this will help shape your design decisions.

Perhaps you want to build a large dining space with custom built-in storage for your dishes and table linens, or maybe adding a spacious butler’s pantry will make it easier to throw the type of party you enjoy. We can help you design the home of your dreams so you can enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.

Ready to get started designing your dream home remodel? Contact us any time.

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