New Construction

Windows are a very important element of a home. Windows give a look to the exterior of the home as well as provide energy efficiency on the inside of the home. In the summer the a/c is kept on at a minimum due to the fact the windows prohibit the suns harmful UV rays from penetrating the double pane Low E 3 glass with argon gas between the glass sheets. These windows will keep your energy bills down and will pay for windows in the long run.

The replacement of your windows are called retrofit due to the fact that we remove the old window but the original frame stays and the new windows slide right into the frame and is then connected and sealed. No one would know the difference.

New construction windows are where you are framing a new window location and putting in a new construction window. Everything else is the same with the window.

Doors provide a finishing touch on a home. There are so many doors to choose from and you would always want a door to match the look of the exterior of your home. If you add french doors to your bedroom or porch etc... those doors are also Low E 3 with the argon gass between the 2 sheets of glass of the window and make your room very comfortable.