Luxury Laundry Room Ideas for Your Remodel

Luxury Laundry Room Ideas for Your RemodelWhen we think of a luxury home remodel, gourmet kitchen and spa bathrooms are usually what come to mind, but a laundry room might just be the place to give a little extra attention. In addition to the major components of the remodel, the details and smaller features of a home can increase its functionality while adding to the luxurious feel of it.

Laundry rooms are one of the best places to upgrade your home. An impressive, beautiful, and practical laundry room design can add value to your home and help you love it all the more. Contact us any time to learn more about how we can help you transform your current house into your dream home.

What to Consider in a Laundry Room Remodel


Depending on the scope of your home remodel, it may be a good time to consider moving the location of your laundry room. The most popular laundry room locations are the basement, near the kitchen (thanks to the ability to take advantage of utilities already in place for the kitchen appliances), master closets, and hallways near bedrooms. There are pros and cons to each laundry room location, and you may also find that in order to have the space for the design your want you may need to move the laundry room.

While moving your laundry room will require some wiring and plumbing to set up separate laundry hook-ups, many homeowners find that this additional investment is inarguably worthwhile.

Another thing to consider when choose the location for your laundry room is whether your home might benefit from two separate laundry spaces. For example, you may find that a two story home will function more smoothly with a laundry room on each floor. You might opt to have a small washer and dryer closet on the first floor to wash kitchen linens, pool towels, and other miscellaneous items and an upstairs laundry room near all the bedrooms.

Luxury Features

In addition to having two laundry rooms, there are other ways to add luxury and convenience to your laundry room. These include:

  • Built in ironing board and/or garment steamer
  • Built-in folding space
  • Custom hampers and clotheslines
  • Sink with detergent and stain removal decanters
  • Upgraded fan for moisture control
  • Smart washer and dryer
  • Pet washing station
  • Mudroom storage for shoes, coats, and bags
  • Charging station for cordless appliances


Built-in storage is one of the key elements of a laundry room design you will love. The best laundry rooms have more than just a couple shelves or cabinets for the essential detergents and supplies. Set aside some of your budget for custom cabinetry and other built-in features that will take your laundry room functionality to the next level.

If space allows, adding storage that is dedicated to each member of the household can be a great way to keep the laundry room organized. There can be a cubby, cabinet, or hamper for each person to make sorting clean laundry a breeze.

The laundry room is also a great place to add an extra pantry space. Consider how you might maximize the space to supplement kitchen storage or store large household necessities like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.


To complete the luxury feel of your laundry room, make sure the aesthetic goes with the rest of the home. Because it is primarily a functional and practical space, laundry room decor can often go overlooked. However, making the space beautiful will help you enjoy your time in it more.

A laundry room is also a great space to have a little fun with design. Because it is generally a totally separate space, you can choose a bold wallpaper or fun paint color that you may not want to use in a larger area.

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