Kitchen Remodeling

Take your kitchen remodeling to a completely new level with SK Home Designs & Remodeling

Realtors and experts have always believed that kitchen is among the high-on-demand areas that the home renovation contractors have to take up while dealing with home remodeling projects. SK Home Designs & Remodeling provides one of the famous kitchen renovation services in California that can help with proper guidance. The team of expert architects and interior designers at SK Home Designs & Remodeling will visit your home to assess what kind of kitchen will suit your home and design your kitchen accordingly. As choosing a reliable kitchen renovation contractor is not an easy task, you need to be very careful about your choice of contractor.

SK Home Designs & Remodeling are the leading Kitchen remodeling contractor Los Angeles and they specialize in various options for kitchen remodeling such as painting of faded wall colors, chipped paint and drab wall. Painting the kitchen walls gives a bright and lively appearance to the room.

Expert architects and designers of SK Home Designs & Remodeling carefully learn how you want to build and design your kitchen so that it suits the look of your house. As assets of the most famous kitchen remodeling contractor in California and Los Angeles, they ensure that all your demands will be followed while building your dream kitchen.

Replacing the old faucet, sink, and other simple accessories in the kitchen can help you to give your kitchen a new look in a relatively reasonable budget. You might as well go for a more coherent look in your kitchen and the metals used in the kitchen that can make the kitchen look stylish, streamlined and sophisticated without the extensive expense that you have to go through.

Giving your kitchen a more sleek and streamlined look is what the minor renovations in kitchen are all about and we are the most reputed Kitchen remodeling contractors in Hawthorne CA and our team of skilled professionals have taken us to the position we are today. Getting you the right kitchen appliances is another of our forte.

Why Choose Us?.

As an eminent kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, we know the expectation and needs of people living in different regions of California. We have enough experience that we can implement while designing your kitchen following all your needs. As client satisfaction is our only expectation, we never compromise with quality. We take pride in providing our kitchen renovation service to clients who get benefited with the design done by our expert interior designers. For the latest kitchen design contact us. We are dedicated to your service

Our work in the kitchen areas starts with creating the right layout that would sort things out for your kitchen and give you the place that you have always dreamt of. Doing the layout through CAD makes things a lot easier for you as well as our professionals as both can get a clearer idea of what the finished product is going to look like and the changes can also be made on time before the practical work starts. Renovate your kitchen with the latest kitchen remodeling ideas from SK Home Designs & Remodeling, famous kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles.

Option #3: Replace an outdated sink and faucet. Replacing an outdated sink and faucet is a relatively simple upgrade that is also easy on the wallet. If your sink is in good shape, you can spend even less by only replacing the faucet. Be sure to coordinate a new sink and/or faucet with the rest of the fixtures in the kitchen such as light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Mismatched metals such as a brass light fixture and chrome hardware makes for a less cohesive look, and a streamlined appearance is a major goal of a minor kitchen remodel. * Understand that replacing your sink would only be replace with an over-mount sink rather than an under-mount sink.

Option #4: Patiently seek out great deals on appliances. Saving money on appliances can be tricky. Scratch and dent warehouses are a great place to begin your search for deals on kitchen appliances. While those with obvious damage should be avoided, these warehouses can be the perfect place to find appliances with minor blemishes.

Be a savvy shopper when looking for appliances. Major holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day are popular times for big sales, and may present opportunities to find discounts. Ask salespeople if there is room for negotiation and if any sales are coming up. Find out if there are any floor models or discontinued models from the previous year. Seeking out energy efficient appliances is a great way to save money on your energy bills as well.

OK, now it’s time to move forward with upgrading your kitchen with a complete renovation. This will take from 3 weeks to 2 months:

The start is getting a layout: When meeting with your contractor he will want to start to talk about layout options, including possibly removing walls to open up the kitchen to the rest of the house. Removing walls can be non load bearing or load bearing walls. Non load bearing walls are easier and less costly then load bearing walls which need an architect and blueprints. Your contractor will work with you and his cabinet maker to create a layout of your kitchen. Layouts are done on a computer and it gives you a 3D look of what your final outcome of your kitchen will be. This is awesome!

Completely demo your kitchen: Demoing your kitchen down to the subfloor will only be the beginning, this includes removing your flooring, be it old tile or linoleum. Demoing and haul away is usually done in one to 2 days. New plumbing, electrical and lighting upgrades begin for the next week or two. Relocating appliances my be needed as well.

Semi Custom Cabinetry: There are many choices of cabinetry and cost can be a factor. Semi custom or prefab cabinets maybe the way to go to have beautiful inexpensive cabinets. You can have just about anything you want added to the kitchen cabinets. All these options are available on custom kitchen cabinets as well. Normally you have a choice of different kitchens to choose from and then get them installed when the kitchen is ready. Colors and styles are only available as shown. You are limited to only the way the kitchen comes in and can not change the colors or door style in anyway unless you go custom. Fillers are usually used to fill the gaps because the boxes only come in specific sizes, unlike custom cabinets.

Custom Cabinetry: For a more wide range of cabinets then those may be the best way to because you can have your kitchen exactly the way you want. Custom cabinets provide the color and door style you want, including the type of solid wood you want to use or if you would rather have melamine made cabinets, though custom can be less expensive for custom cabinets. Either choice the actual box being made, the doors are solid wood and drawers are either melamine or solid wood dovetail quality (dovetail are more expensive).

Cabinet Accessories: Either you go with semi custom or custom cabinets, you have the same choices. Double trash pullouts, soft close full extension glides (very recommended), simple glides (not full extension), pullout drawers inside the cabinets, lazy susans, swivels, glass doors etc…

Counter tops: There are a number of counter types you can choose from, some are better than others, depending on what you want. Granite is a great choice but expensive option for your countertops. Many different grades of granite, colors and finishes are available. Granite come with warranties against defects or anything else. Quartz counters, such as Caesarstone or Silestone and others provide an amazing product, easy to clean easy to manage, more hypoallergenic than granite and all come with manufacturer warranties against defects. No sealants needed unlike granite. Quartz counters come in a variety of colors. Some may still use tile (more old fashioned), concrete (uncommon and very few contractors can do this work), soapstone,

Electrical: Electrical will be upgraded. GFI’s will be added so make sure your electrical panel has enough room to be able to add dedicated lines directly to the panel from the kitchen. The inspector will be looking to make sure this meets codes. Lighting are in the ceilings are going to be energy efficient lights as according to codes. These lights can not be connected to any sort of dimmer switches. Pendant lights may be added for an island and maybe connected to a dimmer. Undermount cabinet lighting may be installed as well. The kitchen will have complete updated electrical to make the kitchen as energy efficient as possible, so keep in mind the kitchen can be expensive but well forth it.

Kitchen Accessories: For your kitchen, you can pick out the sink and appliances you want. The type of handles or knobs you want to add character to your cabinets. Tile for the floors or backsplash are a big part of the look of your kitchen, including the paint color on the walls.

Complete Kitchen: As you can see, the kitchen is the most important room in the house and building your kitchen can be a lot of work and exciting. The kitchen is the center piece of any home and more is said about the home as about the home owner. One can be very proud of there home and enjoy many years of usage and yes even taking pride and showing it off.

Sk Home Designz will give you options on your kitchen to make it the center piece of your home and you too can take pride in showing off your new kitchen. Make it spectacular so the whole family can enjoy the benefits and feel a part of this endeavor. Now you can finally host your own holiday dinners, parties or just have an intimate dinner for the family to take pride in your new kitchen!