Is an ADU Right for My Aging Parent?

Is an ADU Right for My Aging Parent? Are you considering joining the over 40 million Americans who are caretakers for their elderly parents? Whether that season of life is right around the corner or something you are preparing for a few years down the road, adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your property may be the best way to prepare for this change.Is an ADU Right for My Aging Parent?

There are plenty of reasons you may want to add an ADU to your property, including adding value to the home or developing an additional stream of income. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider an ADU that is specifically designed to accommodate aging parents or other relatives.

Is an ADU Right for My Aging Parent?

1. Maintain your privacy

One of the primary reasons people are hesitant to welcome aging parents into the home is the way it will diminish their privacy. Even if you have a wonderful relationship with your parents, all of you may not want to share living space all of the time.

An ADU provides an ideal compromise, offering all the perks of living in the same home without any of the potential pitfalls. Many people find that this becomes their perfect best of both worlds solution.

2. Make space for slowly diminishing levels of independence

Chances are, your parents are going to slowly need increasing levels of support. An ADU can allow them to enjoy as much independence and privacy as is safe for as long as possible. You can slowly add additional supports, like smart home features that make communication and security easy. When mom and dad move in, the ADU can feel like the home they are used to, with additional support features added as needed.

3. Make efficient use of retirement funds

An ADU is one of the most cost effective living situations available, especially in an expensive housing market like Southern California. Moving mom and dad into an ADU on your property means making efficient use of their retirement funds so they can enjoy less financial strain. This is especially useful to make hiring in home healthcare, housekeeping, or other services fit in the budget as needed over time.

4. Design a home with aging and accessibility in mind

One of the perks of designing your own ADU is being able to fully customize the features. With your best understanding of what the future might hold, we can help you create a plan that will make keeping your parents safe and comfortable for as long as possible a reality.

For example, if you think hiring in home healthcare for overnight shifts is part of their future, we can design an ADU with a second bedroom that provides comfortable accommodations. If wheelchair accessibility is a concern, that’s easy to incorporate into the design. Even small details like arthritis-friendly hardware can all be a part of the plan.

5. Boost property value while supporting a loved one

In addition to being a great solution for your family, adding an ADU will boost your property value. Adding value to your home while supporting your loved ones seems like an easy yes if you ask us!

Ready to learn more about designing an ADU that meets your unique needs and property? We can help. contact us any time.

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