Flooring Trends to Love in 2023

Flooring Trends to Love in 2023Are you planning a home renovation in 2023? Choosing new flooring can completely transform your home, allowing you to upgrade the aesthetic, durability, and comfort of the entire space. If you are feeling stumped about which flooring to choose for your home renovation, consider these 2023 flooring trends.

More is More

In 2023, homeowners and designers are loving flooring that makes a statement. Minimalism took the design world by storm in recent years, but some people are ready to leave that behind in favor of a more is more, bigger is better approach.

Large tiles laid in high contrast colors, intricate details for an ornate entryway, or an intricate pattern for a luxurious appeal are just some of the ways you can adopt this maximalist approach for a dramatic statement in your new home design.

Lighter and Brighter

Light and bright wood flooring is a top choice for homeowners in 2023. This is a trend that is continuing from recent years, with no end in sight. White oak continues to be a popular option, as well as walnut with a light finish.

These light wood flooring options are trendy, but not too trendy. They offer a classic and timeless appeal that will continue to pair well with your furniture as your style changes. Consider an engineered hardwood to get the look of this bright and light hardwood flooring with less maintenance and a higher level of durability.

Brown is Back

Black has been the dark neutral of choice for the past few years, but we are seeing a return to brown in 2023. This is not the beige and tan color palette from the early 2000s, but more of a rich chocolate hue. Consider a brown and white or brown and cream color palette for your checkered flooring or other patterns like printed tiles, herringbone patterns, and wood stains.

Textural Interest

Homeowners are drawn to textural interest in flooring in 2023, choosing one of a kind natural stone that has a timeless appeal. If you don’t prefer the look of stone, but like the other features it brings to the table, consider a stone that has been scraped and stained to look like hard wood.

Function is First

No matter which flooring style you choose, in 2023 you have the option to prioritize functionality. Durability and ease of maintenance are trending this year, with flooring options that are scratch resistant, water resistant, and will not need to be refinished or replaced for decades. When you prioritize functionality in your flooring choice, you not only get a lower maintenance home, but you’re also being kinder to the environment by choosing something that will stand the test of time.

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High performance flooring in 2023 can come with all sorts of features, including:

  • Sound reduction
  • Stain resistance
  • Waterproof technology
  • Recycled materials with authentic looking texture and color
  • Easy to clean

To learn more about designing a home remodel you can fall in love with, contact us any time. Our team of professional designers are backed by years of experience, a long list of happy client testimonials, and advanced 3D technology so you can fully visualize the design before we get to work. Reach out any time to get started on your dream home design.

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