Designing a New Custom Home

So you have decided to build a new custom home; congratulations! This is a dream come true for many people, and often the best way to design a home you love. Working with experienced, trusted professionals who are equipped with the latest technology to design the home is totally essential, and we are ready to help. Every step of the way, we have the team of professionals you need to get the job done exactly the way you want. Contact us any time to learn more about our process.

Before you set out to design your custom home, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the process. Designing a home from scratch doesn’t have to be daunting when you have the support of experts, advanced technology, and a plan to organize your dreams for the space.

1. Start with a wish list

Just like many dream projects, designing your dream home should start with a wish list. Write down everything you would love to have in the home, and highlight the features that are your top priorities. Ask your partner, kids, and anyone else who will live in the home what would be on their wish list, too.

Even if you don’t think something will be a realistic option, it doesn’t hurt to add it to the list. Our designers can help you figure out how your dream features might inspire the design, and even suggest practical alternatives to something that won’t fit the budget or the space.

Designing a New Custom Home

2. Consider where you spend the most time

Take some time to think about how you spend your time in your current home. This is something that tends to stay the same based on personality and family culture, even in different homes, and it can help inform where you want to invest the most in your design.

For example, if you find that you don’t spend much time sitting or reading in the primary bedroom, but love relaxing outside, you may want to incorporate a California room or sun room rather than a large primary suite. If you know you spend  lots of time in the kitchen, that is where a significant portion of the budget and attention should be focused.

3. Think about your future plans for the home

Consider how long you plan to live in this home, and how you see your life changing during that time. Of course none of us have a crystal ball, but you may be able to work out some details that can inform the design process. For example, do you plan to welcome more children into the family? Are you expecting to care for elderly parents or a disabled sibling someday? Maybe you know that you hope to host holidays in the future, or you dream of being the home that can welcome your teenage kids’ friends in any time.

However you plan to spend your future in the home, consider the lifestyle you want and make sure to let your designers in on your dreams and expectations.

4. Take a look at your land

Look at the land where you plan to build and consider what your favorite features are. If you love the morning light, you may be able to plan for large windows on the eastern walls of the home. Do you plan to plant a vegetable garden? Think about where it would thrive on the land and how that should work with the home design. Is there a tree you love already on the property? Maybe you can design your bedroom window to overlook it, or plan to design your landscaping around it. The location of the home itself should always be taken into account when designing your dream home.

Ready to get started on building your dream home? Contact us any time to learn more.


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