How to Incorporate Design Trends in Your Southern California Home Remodel

It’s no secret that design trends come and go, which can make renovating a difficult task for many homeowners. Every homeowner who decides to remodel their Southern California home has to decide on the aesthetic they want, taking into consideration the age of the home, future resale value, the architecture of the space, and whether the entire home will be remodeled or just a portion of it. One of the decisions you will have to make again and again during the remodel design process is whether to choose a trendy look or stick with a more timeless design.

For our clients who love a certain design trend, we often recommend incorporating the trend in certain features that can be more easily adapted over time without the need to fully remodel again. If you want to design a Southern California home remodel that feels fresh and trendy without having a result you will want to change again in just a few years, consider these tips.

10 Ways to Incorporate Design Trends

How to Incorporate Design Trends in Your Southern California Home RemodelPaint Colors

Paint is a great way to incorporate a design trend, both because it’s easy to change in the future and because it makes a big impact. Choose a trendy accent color for a wall, or pick a pop of color for a unique place like a ceiling or the kitchen cabinetry.

Rather than choosing trendy looks for your more permanent features like flooring, countertops, or built-ins, get creative with your paint choices.


Hardware is an ideal place to play with design trends. Whether it’s a trendy finish, the shape, or the style, your home’s hardware can make a big design impact and make the home feel current and updated. The great thing is, if you decide a few years from now to make another change, hardware is something that is relatively affordable to replace and can often be done without hiring a professional.

Look for places to incorporate hardware you love to personalize your home, including:

  • Drawer and cabinet handles
  • Faucets for sinks, showers, and baths
  • Door knobs, including the exterior doors
  • Light switches and outlet covers
  • Vent covers


Lighting is a great place to play with design trends. Accent lighting, chandeliers, pendant lights, and even outdoor lighting can all be changed relatively easily in the future when the trends shift or you tire of the look.

When you choose a trendy lighting piece, it is going to make a major design statement. While a high quality light fixture can be an investment, it will not be a major project to swap it out in the future if you are ready for a new aesthetic.

Furniture and Decor

When in doubt, we recommend timeless design elements for anything that is a part of the actual remodel, so that you can add trendy elements in the furniture, decor, and accents of the home. This way, you can make the changes you want as new design inspiration strikes, while having a timeless foundation with which to work.

When the home itself is designed to last a lifetime, you can incorporate a new aesthetic through the furniture you choose or the art you hang without regretting your remodeling choices. In most cases, making timeless design choicesfor the home remodel is the best way to preserve resale value and allow yourself to love your home for years to come.

We have the track record you want to see from a Southern California home remodel team, with a long list of happy customers who love to refer us to their friends and family. Using our advanced 3D technology, we can create a home remodel design you will love and allow you to move forward confident that you can fully visualize the plan. Ready to learn more? Contact us any time.

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