Hot Design Trends to Incorporate into Your 2023 Remodel

Hot Design Trends to Incorporate into Your 2023 Remodel2023 remodel trends just might be the new trends you’ve been waiting for! While we often recommend being careful about how trendy your design choices are, there are some fun ways to hop on the hottest design trends of the year without regretting it in the future. The key is choosing something that is trending but won’t require major difficulty or expense to modify in the future.

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As you dream up your home renovation, consider these 2023 remodel trends

Rooftop Living Areas

If your home allows, consider jumping on this fun design trend. Rooftop living spaces are a great way to increase your entertaining space and create a dramatic home addition. Utilizing every inch of your property is key to getting the most out of your home in Southern California. A rooftop patio with luxury features is one way to do just that.

Adding a rooftop patio is not realistic for all home styles, but we can accomplish a similar result by adding a second story balcony or patio. This is ideal if you have an upstairs entertaining space already, like a home theater or loft. It can also be the perfect addition to the primary suite, providing a luxury indoor-outdoor living experience from the bedroom.

Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings are all the rage right now. From something easy to remove, like peel and stick wallpaper, to a more dramatic installation of beams or tongue-in-groove boards, the ceiling is a great place to add a custom design statement.

You can incorporate this trend in a way that provides a timeless appeal for the best ROI and resale value. Choose a classic built in look with high quality workmanship for the best results.

Historical Style Revival

Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial styles are in vogue this year. This is a great way to pay homage to an older home while making it feel fresh. You can keep the neutral color palettes from your favorite modern designs while choosing softer lines and angles, lots of natural materials, and unique decor or trim that adds character to the space, not only is this a popular choice for 2023 remodels, but if done property, the renovation can be timeless.

Industrial Style Kitchens

One of the trending styles this year in kitchen remodels is industrial. It is the next step after the modern farmhouse trend has begun to fade, incorporating a similar aesthetic with an increase in drama and functionality.

This style uses highly durable materials like stainless steel countertops and brick backsplashes, with a nod to both historic industrial design and modern industrial kitchens.

Luxury Basements

If you are one of the few in Southern California that has a basement, even a walkout basement, you might consider upgrading and finishing it to become a luxury addition to the home. Basements that have been transformed into functional square footage are trending, with more homeowners looking for ways to maximize the usable space in the home.

This is the perfect place to add a home theater, golf simulator, or guest space. If there is a feature you wish your home had and a home addition is not the right fit for your lot or needs, consider transforming your basement instead.

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