When setting up appointments with our company we ask that all homeowners on the property be at the meeting. This is very important if they can’t all be at the meeting we would prefer to reschedule when everyone can be there. Why you ask is this so important? Well, when it specifically comes to kitchens, bathrooms, room additions or other things done to the house, one or both of you may have different ideas about what or how you may want it done.

Budget is a big part of this job as well and the estimate will be different based on the type of work you want done. If one person is there, we would hope you would want the other to help make a decision.

It is a waste of both of our times if one or more people are not at the meeting. Most homeowners will not and/or should not make decisions without others involved.

When we are hired for the job and the other decisions makers weren’t at the meeting it would make it for a long job with delays and the price of the job would change drastically. We ask that all decision makers be at the meeting together so we can give you the right estimate and work together to accomplish your job with everyone happy.

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