Consider LVP for Your New Flooring

Choosing the flooring is one of the most important decisions you will make in your home renovation process. Flooring sets the tone for the design of the space, and provides the literal foundation for the room. Finding the right combination of durability and aesthetics to suit your personal style and the lifestyle of people in your home requires thinking carefully about your options.

Many people are choosing luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in their recent renovations. While just a few decades ago vinyl flooring was often thought of as a cheap, low quality flooring option, there are now many luxury products designed to look amazing and last for years.

If you are considering LVP in your renovation, here are 4 things to keep in mind. Consider LVP for Your New Flooring

1. LVP is one of the most comfortable hard floorings on the market

If you have not checked out LVP in person, we highly recommend viewing it in a showroom or asking your friends if they have recently installed some that you could see. LVP is one of the most comfortable floorings on the market, made with layers of different materials that make it both durable and comfortable.

The flooring absorbs your steps and responds comfortably, meaning standing barefoot in the kitchen on LVP will be far more comfortable than hardwood or tile flooring. An added bonus of this layered construction is the acoustic quality of rooms with LVP; many people find a significant difference in sound absorption between their previous flooring and their new LVP.

2.  LVP is virtually waterproof

One of the best perks of installing LVP, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, is that it is virtually impervious to water. While steam cleaning can in some cases break down the glue in the LVP and allow moisture to seep through (hence the reason steam mops are not recommended for LVP), water that is not hot enough to become steam will not be able to soak through the flooring or damage it. LVP is non-porous, and some manufacturer’s even offer a 100% waterproof guarantee.

If you have had hardwood flooring, you know this is not something to take for granted. While hardwoods can be beautiful, they are at a much higher risk of major water damage from a slow leak, a pet water bowl, or other unexpected moisture source.

3. LVP is quick to install

LVP is one of the easiest floors to install, which means both your project timeline and bottom line will benefit. While a hardwood installation for a large project can easily take a week, LVP installation is accelerated because of the locking design of the planks. With an experienced team, it’s not uncommon to see the entire LVP project take just a day or two.

This means your project can move forward more quickly, and less labor costs for flooring installation means more room in the renovation budget for other dream projects.

 4. LVP is versatile

Many of our clients love the idea of a flooring that can be carried throughout the entire home. This give a seamless and elegant look, while also streamlining cleaning. There are only a limited number of flooring choices that are suitable for the entire home; LVP is one of them.

Offered in a wide range of colors, finishes, widths, and styles, you are sure to be able to find a high end LVP flooring that you will love in every square foot of the home.

To learn more about planning your dream renovation project, contact us any time!

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