Consider These Built-In Ideas for Your Home Remodel

Consider These Built-In Ideas for Your Home RemodelRemodeling your home is the perfect opportunity to customize your storage and prioritize functionality. With built-in features like those listed below, you can take your home to the next level. Built-in storage and other features can add value to your home for future resale, and make your home more practical and enjoyable in the meantime.

We can help you design a home remodel that takes your home from where it is now to where you want it to be. Everything from cosmetic updating to full kitchen renovations to a bathroom refresh can be done, all displayed with our advanced 3D technology before we begin so you can be confident about the design. Contact us any time to learn more about why we have had so many happy clients.

Ways to Elevate Your Remodel With Built-Ins

Custom Cabinetry and Shelving

We can install custom-built cabinets in various areas of your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Custom cabinetry allows you to maximize storage space and create a tailored look that fits your style and needs.

Built-in bookshelves, shelving units, or display cases can add character and functionality to your living room, home office, or library. Customize the design to accommodate your book collection, display artwork, or showcase collectibles that have a unique shape or size.

Entryways and mudrooms are also a great place for beautiful, yet functional built-ins. We can design a mudroom with built-in cubbies, hooks, and storage for shoes, coats, and bags. This organized space can help keep clutter at bay and provide a designated area for coming and going.

In the laundry room, consider installing custom cabinets and shelving for storage, folding clothes, and organizing cleaning supplies. This can help streamline laundry tasks and maintain a tidy space.


Custom seating can be designed to fit any space, no matter how unique. This adds an architectural appeal while being a practical use of space. Create cozy window seats with built-in storage beneath them. These are perfect for reading nooks, breakfast areas, or spaces where you can enjoy a view while providing extra storage.

In the kitchen or dining area, consider installing a built-in banquette or dining nook. These seating arrangements can save space, create a cozy atmosphere, and often include hidden storage under the seats.

Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace can make a beautiful centerpiece for a primary suite, outdoor entertaining area, or living room. Consider elevating it for even more design impact with built-ins. You can incorporate shelves, niches, or even a media center around the fireplace, adding both warmth and functionality to the space.

This may be the perfect place to incorporate a built-in audio or entertainment system, as well. Consider integrating a whole-home audio system with built-in speakers and controls. This allows you to enjoy music or sound throughout your home without visible wires or bulky equipment.

Design a built-in entertainment center in your living room or media room to house your TV, audio equipment, and media collections. Conceal wiring and create a streamlined look with integrated storage.

Entertaining Features

If you plan to entertain in your new home, consider the type of built-ins that might take your parties to the next level. Wine enthusiasts may opt for a built-in wine cellar or wine rack in the dining room or basement. This can add a touch of luxury to your home and keep your wine collection properly stored.

A built-in home bar can be another great addition. Include shelving for glassware, a countertop for mixing drinks, and storage for liquor and bar accessories.

Extend your living space outdoors with features like an outdoor kitchen, seating area, or fire pit. These additions can enhance your outdoor entertaining capabilities and create an inviting atmosphere.

Discreet Storage

There may be some items you would like to store without showcasing or keep discreet. Incorporate hidden storage solutions like under-stair storage, or drawers under beds, or hidden compartments in furniture to make the most of your available space.

If you have pets, consider built-in features like pet beds, feeding stations, or litter box enclosures to keep your furry family members comfortable and your home organized.

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