What You Need to Know Before Adding on to Your Home in 2023

What You Need to Know Before Adding on to Your Home in 2023Adding on to your home is a great way to continue loving the home you have after you begin to outgrow it. We have helped many clients design a home addition to avoid moving, perhaps because they do not want to leave a home they are sentimentally attached to or because they do not want to buy or sell in the current real estate market.

Whatever your reason for adding on to your home, we would love to help. Our designers are equipped with advanced 3D technology to help you fully visualize the design before we get to work, and our team of professionals are proven craftsman with plenty of happy client testimonials to prove it. Contact us any time to learn more about why we are the right team for your home addition dreams.

Here’s what you need to know before getting started on your home addition plans.

Know Your Goal

Be clear about your goal for the addition, adding on to your home is a big decision that shouldn’t come lightly. Consider the pain points that are leading you to pursue a home addition and identify exactly what you want to accomplish with the project. Setting this goal clearly will help you prioritize and make confident decisions regarding budget, aesthetics, and functionality.

Some examples of a goal for adding on to your home include:

Create Your Wish List

After identifying your goal, you can create a wish list of the things you would love to have incorporated. Understanding the difference between you main goal and your wish list items will help you confidently and efficiently navigate our design meetings.

Your wish list items are likely able to be incorporated into the design, but it will help you have already decided which idea takes priority if you cannot have it all.

Design within Local Guidelines

While it can be tempting to ignore local building codes when they interfere with your dreams for the space, it is always the right call to create a design within the guidelines. Not only are these building codes created to ensure the integrity and quality of the project, making sure you are safe and do not damage your home, but following them is essential to avoid a costly hiccup when you decide to sell.

If you complete a home addition and it is not up to code, you will have a difficult time selling your home in the future. On the other hand, a home addition that is constructed properly will add major resale value to the property. We only work according to building codes and make sure our projects are fully permitted to protect your investment and the safety of your family.

Prioritize Seamless Design

When you add on to your home, you may have trouble finding materials that are a perfect match. For example, even if you can find the exact materials and color of the siding on your home, the sun fading or other weathering may make it impossible to have a seamless design.

For the most professional look, you may want to incorporate updates into the original portion of the home into your design budget. This might include a variety of places where  there will be an obvious delineation between the original and addition, including:

  • Updating flooring in the entire area
  • Repainting the interior or exterior
  • Replacing the entire roof
  • Updating the plumbing or electrical system throughout the home

Even if it means an increased investment, this will payoff in the way it boosts your home’s value and the overall aesthetic and quality of the home.

Ready to design your home addition project? Contact us any time to learn more.

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