Bathroom Remodelling

Bathrooms are for very obvious reasons as important as a kitchen if not more. An non-functional bathroom is like driving a car without gas. Bathrooms can be very unhealthful, fungus on the walls, mold in the shower and other areas can create allergic reactions to the body, whether it be on the skin or in the respiratory etc...

Today people are looking to make there bathrooms look something special. They are making it their own with all the different tiles, paint, vanities and just being creative with a new layout in the bathroom if possible. The bathrooms are becoming a meeting place now (not really :)) but they look so awesome it's a chance to show it off to everyone that comes over.

People are smarter, they have more areas on the internet that they can find ideas and images of all types of bathrooms, No one buys magazines anymore, it's all online. is a great place to see the bathroom, kitchen, room addition etc... a person may want. Thousands or pictures of everything and anything can be found on or other sites. We can make it happen with doing nearly anything a client wants. We , by the way, post our jobs on as well. Just ask to see the jobs we posted there.

We have seen homes where client's were living with fungus and mold do to water damage, leaks on the floor or lack of any ventilation for the humidity to escape and just stick to the bathroom walls and tile in the shower. When opening the walls in the shower, the 2 x 4's were rotted out and needed replacement. It is uncommon to replace this wood and of the many bathrooms we've worked on maybe only 2% need this extreme work done.

Bathrooms along with kitchens are the most common jobs we do and requested by clients. We take great pride in the work we do and quality is secind to none. We put a lot of effort into our bathrooms and use only the best materials on the market. We float walls not use concrete boards, we use stainless stell drains not the cheap drains that are temporary. We believe in the long term of our quality of work and not the short term.

Our clients appreciate the quality and the final outcome of our bathrooms and feel assured that they will have no problems in the future. Because of the detail of the work, we don't rush our guys to get things done sooner. We do our bathrooms with city or county inspections, we have nothing to hide. It is in your best interest to get your bathroom done with inspections because it will make your contractor honest and not hide any details. Inspections also add value to your bathroom in the time of selling your home. Most homeowners and home buyers care about the details of the bathroom. The better the quality of work and the look and design of your bathroom the more it would be worth to the next homeowner.

Understand that when you have guests using the bathroom, they will remember it for good or for bad. If the bathroom was updated or is in poor condition can leave a lasting impression.

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