Barkitecture: How to Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

Barkitecture: How to Make Your Home More Pet FriendlyA new word has been circling the remodeling work, barkitecutre, a new way to make your home more pet friendly. As you work to plan a remodel that transforms your house into your dream home, don’t forget about the furry members of the family. Making your home more luxurious for everyone, pets included, is something our designers can help you prioritize.

Whether it’s a room addition, new home construction, or a renovation of your current home, we offer all of the expertise you need to have peace of mind from start to finish. Our advanced technology will allow you to fully visualize the design before we ever begin, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

As you brainstorm your ideal new home design, don’t forget to incorporate some of these luxury pet friendly ideas.

Making Your Home Pet Friendly

Pet Door

The most obvious feature for a pet friendly home is a pet door, allowing your cats and dogs to freely enter or exit the home whether you are available to open it or not. Today’s pet doors lean on smart home technology to prioritize security. Install automated pet doors that respond to your pet’s collar to provide peace of mind while still giving your pet access to the outside area when they need it.

Washing Station

A dedicated pet spa or bathing station can be a luxurious addition to your home. Incorporate features such as a raised tub or grooming table, non-slip flooring, and convenient storage for pet grooming supplies. Consider adding a pet-friendly showerhead, temperature control, and built-in drying stations to make grooming a breeze.

Built-in Food and Water Bowls

Incorporate built-in feeding stations into your kitchen or designated areas to provide a convenient and elegant space for your pet’s mealtimes. These can feature integrated food and water bowls, easy-to-clean surfaces, and storage for pet food and treats. Use high-quality materials that complement your home’s aesthetic, and consider making them movable so you can easily hide the bowls away for the benefit of your pet or to clean up before entertaining.

Pet Pools and Outdoor Areas

Stock tank pools are a popular choice to help pets stay cool in the heat of the summer. There are plenty of ways to create outdoor spaces that are beautiful and functional for pets. Install artificial turf or designated pet-friendly grass areas for your pets to play and lounge. Consider adding shaded areas, pet-safe plants, and water features to create a serene outdoor environment for your pets to enjoy.

Pet Friendly Flooring

Choose pet friendly flooring materials that are both luxurious and durable. Options like luxury vinyl, porcelain tile, or hardwood with pet-friendly finishes can withstand wear and tear from pets while maintaining an elegant appearance. Additionally, you may want to consider heated flooring options to provide warmth and comfort for your pets.


Enhance your home’s organization by including customized pet storage solutions. Designate cabinets, closets, or built-in shelving for pet supplies, toys, leashes, and accessories. Utilize decorative containers or stylish storage solutions to keep items neatly organized and easily accessible. We can help you design a storage area that makes the most sense with the flow of your home.

Elevated Walkways and Climbing Structures

If you have cats in the family, consider incorporating a beautiful built-in place for them to play. The addition of a climbing structure or elevated walkway can seamlessly blend with the architecture of the home while providing your feline family members the perfect place to play and relax.

Private Room

If space allows, consider creating a room entirely dedicated to your pet. This can be particularly useful when guests come over, as a place to let your pet stay out of the way of guests’ with allergies or preferences that mean your dog or cat can’t be nearby. Rather than having to crate your pet, create their own retreat. Include beds, pet friendly flooring, a water bowl, and enrichment activities to keep them entertained.

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