Backsplash Design Ideas for Your 2023 Kitchen Remodel

Backsplash Design Ideas for Your 2023 Kitchen RemodelAdding new backsplash to your kitchen remodel is an easy way to update your space, add a new pop of color, or help elevate your design. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home, both adding value to your life by creating a more beautiful and functional space and adding value to your property by increasing its resale potential.

As you design a kitchen remodel, you need a team you can trust to help you create a kitchen layout and aesthetic that works for your lifestyle, your budget, and your personal style. We can do just that, using advanced technology that makes it easy to visualize your potential new kitchen.

One of the factors you will need to choose in your kitchen remodel is the backsplash. If you’re not sure what you should incorporate into your kitchen remodel, consider these backsplash design ideas.

Backsplash Stretching to the Ceiling

While the traditional backsplash is a short row of tiles above the counter, a more dramatic look has become a popular trend. Consider making a statement with a backsplash that stretches to the ceiling, often incorporated around a range hood. Choose tile, marble, or another material that will become a statement piece in your kitchen.

In addition to acting as an accent wall and focal point in the kitchen, it will add height to the design as it draws the eye upward, making the room feel larger. This design choice is a luxury statement piece.

Patterns and Textures

If you are looking for a way to incorporate pattern and texture into your kitchen design, the backsplash can be the perfect canvas. Look for ways to incorporate some visual interest in your backsplash, like one of these options:

  • Patterned tile
  • Mosaic artwork
  • Stamped tiles
  • Tile in a chevron, houndstooth, or other unique layout
  • Mirrored or metallic tiles

Especially if you plan on an all white kitchen or another simple design, pattern or texture on the backsplash is a great way to keep the design feeling custom and unique without adding major pops of color.

Window Backsplashes

Depending on the location of your kitchen, you may be able to opt for a window rather than a traditional backsplash. A large picture window or a collection of windows can provide abundant natural light, welcome in any kitchen design. Consider installing windows on the entire length of a wall that would otherwise have a traditional backsplash for a timeless design. A wide window sill can also become the perfect place to grow herbs right in your kitchen.

Back-Painted Glass Backsplash

Back-painted glass can provide a modern look and a subtle pop of color. The glossy, translucent finish can make the space feel bigger, and adds a luxury appeal to the design. Another benefit of this style of backsplash is how easy it is to clean; with no grout to worry about, all you need is a cloth and glass cleaner to keep it looking brand new.

Metal Backsplash

If you are looking for a unique design statement in your kitchen, a metal backsplash can do the trick. Perfect for those who want a sleek, contemporary design, metal backsplashes can be done in stainless steel, copper, or other finishes.

To learn more about remodeling your kitchen, contact us any time.

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