Advanced Technology

Laminate, Hardwood, Tile Flooring all add beauty to the house. Today most clients are not in to the carpet as much, since other flooring can be installed for about the same price, but can last longer and look more beautiful. New flooring can add a lot to any home and provide a finish after all the work in the house has been completed.

Laminate floors are reasonably priced and come with a 25 year scratch resistant warranty. Easy to clean and great if you have pets and/or kids. It has a wood look to it, but more functional and durable then hardwood floors. No sanding or refinishing is needed for the life of the floors. Understand that the thickness of the laminate is important and can make it last longer and the feel of the floor will be better when walking on it.

Hardwood flooring gives the beauty and a luxurious look to the home. The hardwood floor can last for many years. This floor can be refinished or stained up to 3 times of the life of the floor. The hardwood floors can last for many years, but not recommended with pets, kitchens, bathrooms or high traffic areas. If water gets on this floor, must be cleaned up right away as to not damage the floor. Hardwood and laminate absorb water and can swell and loose it's quality right away. Reasonable care is needed.

Tile flooring is long lasting and can be installed anywhere. Tile is recommended in bathrooms and kitchens where water is high risk. Tile has a long life, but can be very cold or rough to walk on without shoes. We install tile the correct way by floating the floors only where most others will do it the cheap way and put down concrete boards where any movement through earthquake or other will mess up the floors completely and will have to be completely redone. Why pay twice when you can pay a little more and do it right the first time.

Sk home designz can work with you on your floors and make suggestions that would be benefit you and your budget.