Adding a Guest Space to Your Home

Designing a dedicated guest space in your home is one of the best ways to invest in a renovation that will bring value to your quality of life while increasing your home equity. Whether it is a guest room or an entire guest suite, there are many creative ways to add a guest space to your home.

Contact us any time to begin dreaming up the ideal guest space renovation in your home, or check out these creative ideas.

Home Addition

A room addition is one of the best ways to add home equity while creating your guest space. When you choose to add on to the house, you can increase your square footage and add more than just a small bedroom. Create an entire guest suite, including a bathroom, bedroom, and even a sitting room or kitchenette where space allows.

One of the perks of a room addition project for a guest space is the flexibility to choose the location of it. You can design the guest suite to enter the main living area near the kitchen or living room, for example, providing some privacy from the rest of the bedrooms in the home. Depending on the floor plan of your home and the guests you anticipate hosting, there may be an ideal location that suits your needs specifically; a home addition can be designed with these factors in mind.

Loft Space

Does your home feature an open loft space on the second story? This can be a great second living space, but may also be perfect for your guest room renovation. By enclosing the loft, you can create an additional bedroom without the need to secure permits for an addition.

In many cases, this project will require only the construction of a single wall with a door. The rest comes down to cosmetic finishes and furniture choices. You might also be able to add a bathroom, closet, or other elements that take the guest space to the next level.

Close Off a Portion of the Garage

If your home features a large garage, it may be the perfect canvas for a guest space. By enclosing and insulating a portion of the garage, you can create a spacious guest space that acts as a home addition without changing the footprint of the house. This may also present an option for a guest suite with its own exterior door, adding more privacy and convenience to the space.

Convert an Office

Many homes feature a dedicated office space that may not be the best use of square footage for your household. If you do not work from home, or find that you don’t use the home office regularly enough to justify the use of space, consider converting it to a guest room.

This project can be as simple as adding a closet and redecorating, or as luxurious as adding an en suite bathroom and built in features. You may also be able to use the room as a hybrid between an office and a guest space, by installing a Murphy bed or creative carpentry solutions that allow your desk to be converted when guests come to stay.

Backyard Space

If your backyard is spacious enough, you may be able to add a detached guest suite like a pool house and tiny home. This option will give you and your guests plenty of privacy and allows you to design a space entirely from the ground up. Our advanced technology can assist you with the visualizing the design before beginning the project, making sure every detail will fit what you have in mind.

Want to get started on your guest space renovation? Contact us any time to learn more.

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