7 Ways to Stay on Budget During Your Remodel


7 Ways to Stay on Budget During Your Remodel – Remodeling and renovation projects are notorious for going over-budget. If you are planning to refresh your home this year, you may be concerned about the rising cost of construction materials, labor, and fuel. To keep your project on budget, check out these 7 tips to stay on budget.

7 Ways to Stay on Budget During Your Remodel

1. Increase your home’s efficiency, not your home’s size

When something in your home isn’t working for you, a common reaction is wanting to blow out a wall here or add an addition there. In some cases, increasing the size of your home is the perfect way to make it work for you. In other cases, you can significantly reduce the cost and timeline of the project by focusing on making the space more functional, rather than just making it bigger.

For example, rather than giving your kitchen a bigger footprint, consider a different layout or how you might maximize vertical space to increase storage.

2. Consider alternative ways to bring in natural light

If your home is feeling dark and gloomy, you may want to add some windows to bring in natural light. Natural light can change the entire atmosphere of the home. However, adding a high quality window can cost $1,500 or more.

A more budget friendly alternative is a solar tube, which is installed between roof rafters to funnel sunshine into a room. The cost of adding a solar tube is about $500, and will add just as much natural light to the space. You will also save the cost of window coverings and maintain the same level of privacy.

3. Do your own demo to stay on budget

Talk to your professional remodeling team about how much demo you can do yourself. While this is a laborious process, it generally does not require much skill or experience and can result in saving you major cash in labor costs.

4. Pay careful attention to materials

Remodeling costs are largely dependent on the materials you choose. Be ruthless about staying on budget as you select flooring, tiles, hardware, lighting fixtures, and other materials that are up to personal discretion. Shop for deals and look for high quality synthetic alternatives, or elements that have a similar look to a high end designer item.

5. Don’t move the toilet or kitchen sink

Some of the most costly remodeling tasks involve moving plumbing. If you can avoid it, don’t change the location of your toilets or sinks in the bathroom and kitchen remodels. Moving a sink or toilet by more than 3 feet typically costs between $500 and $1000, which we think is money better spent elsewhere in most houses.

6. Don’t get creative with the sizes

As you plan an addition or major project, make plans that take stock sizes into account. One of the most expensive things you can do is order a custom window or door because the size of your opening doesn’t fit a stock product. If you focus on off-the-shelf dimensions from manufacturers you can save major money by avoiding custom fixes.

7. Skip delivery fees

If you have a truck, consider transporting as much building material yourself as possible. Rather than paying costly delivery fees that add up quickly, see if you can work with the suppliers to pick them up yourself.

Even if you don’t have a truck, many SUVS can handle towing a rented trailer that will get the job done. A typical delivery cost is about $75. When you multiply that by the number of deliveries you expect for the project, it may quickly make sense to rent, or even buy, a trailer to do this part yourself.

Looking for help from a friendly and experienced team of remodeling professionals? We can offer more ways to stay on budget.  Contact us to see find out how we can help.

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