5 Luxury Shower Ideas for Your Primary Bathroom Remodel

5 Luxury Shower Ideas for Your Primary Bathroom RemodelA bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to add value to your property, while making it feel more like a dream home. The primary bathroom should feel like a retreat, a luxury oasis with custom features that you love.

Our designers can help you create that dream bathroom, making it easy to visualize the design before construction begins through our advanced 3D technology. If you would like to know more about our renovation process, contact us any time.

5 luxury shower ideas for your bathroom remodel

1. Add a ledge

Adding a built-in ledge to your shower design will make it more functional and add a beautiful architectural touch in the meantime. A shower niche is another good option, but a full ledge adds a more high end design appeal and can be more versatile. Add decorate touches to a large ledge, of make it low enough to be used for either seating or storage.

2. Mix natural stone with pops of color

Avoid designed a bathroom that looks like everyone else’s by blending natural stone with tasteful pops of color. Sleek tiles have been a popular choice for years, with a low-maintenance appeal and consistency in design. Natural stone is a bit higher maintenance and van vary because it is a natural product, but adds a luxury appeal to the design. Consider using both to enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Optimize your floor plan to maximize your space

If you don’t have a massive space for your primary bathroom, you can still create a spa-like retreat. We can work with you to optimize your floor plan and take full advantage of whatever square footage you have.

Start by listing your top priorities in the design layout, like a walk in shower, a vanity, built-in storage, or a separate water closet. Decide what matters to you most so that as we play design Tetris with the bathroom we can make sure your top priories are incorporated.

When it comes to shower design and layout, you can choose luxury options that are also space-efficient. This might include no shower door, a wet room with an open concept, or a custom tub shower combination.

4. Choose elevated hardware and fixtures

Don’t underestimate the impact of hardware and fixtures in your shower. These can take a shower from a builder-grade or outdated design to something elevated and luxurious. Consider the shower head, drain, handles, and any hardware in the shower to be the accessories that make the design pop.

Shower heads in particular can make for a more luxurious shower. Consider adding multiple shower heads, a rain shower feature, or another upgrade choice. You can also opt for a finish that makes a unique statement, like matte black or gold. Choose substantial options that will look expensive and stand the test of time.

5. Upgrade our tub shower combo

In some bathroom remodels, a soaking tub is not realistic or the best use of space. If a tub shower combo is essential in your design to use the space efficiently, you can opt to upgrade it to keep with your luxury feel. A tub shower combo can be designed in a custom style with natural stone, statement tile, and luxury fixtures to elevate the aesthetic and the function.

You can also add a stone slab around the ledge of the tub, bringing it a bit further out from the wall and creating a custom look in addition to adding space for candles, decor, seating, or setting towels and toiletries.

To learn more about turning our primary bathroom into a luxury retreat, contact us any time.

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