3 Reasons You Might Regret Choosing Trendy Design Finishes in Your Remodel

3 Reasons You Might Regret Choosing Trendy Design Finishes in Your RemodelAfter you make the initial decisions about the budget and big picture design in your remodel, it’s time to start settling on design finishes. Flooring, light fixtures, hardware, paint colors, and the finer details make the space your own. As you make your choices, keep in mind that going with the current design trends is not always the right choice.

If you love a current trend, you may want to look for ways to incorporate it with temporary design accessories rather than the major elements of your remodel. Here are 3 reasons why you might end up regretting a trendy design choice in your remodel.

1. You are more likely to want to make changes sooner

While you may love a certain design trend now, consider how much you have been influenced by design magazines and online designers. If no one else was promoting the look, would you still love it as much? In some cases, the answer will be yet. A current design trend may just perfectly suit your personal preference.

However, much of the time a design trend will only appeal to you while it is trending in other people’s homes, and once it is not you will find yourself itching for a change. In order to enjoy the results of your remodel for years to come, stick with more timeless design choices for the elements that are most difficult or costly to update. Then, you can incorporate your favorite trends with decorative accessories, artwork, and furniture without having to commit long term to the look.

2. Your resale appeal may be negatively affected

If you opt to remodel your home in a trendy way, you may find that when you decide to sell in the future this remodeling design dates your home and negatively affects your selling experience. Most buyers are looking for newly updated properties, or at least a property that is well maintained with a timeless design.

Some trendy design choices can be easily updated for resale, like changing out hardware or repainting. However, major components of the design like countertops, flooring, and the layout of the home will be costly to update if the trend has passed by the time you would like to sell.

3. Trendy design finishes may cost more

In some cases, a trendy design finish may end up costing your more time or more money. As demand for certain finishes rises, many suppliers will raise the price or struggle to keep a stock on hand. You may end up regretting the choice if it means a delay in your remodeling timeline as you wait for these super popular materials to restock.

Timeless, high quality materials will not necessarily be a bargain price, but you can usually count on a predictable supply and we can shop around for the best price from multiple suppliers.

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