3 Great Home Addition Ideas

3 Great Home Addition Ideas – Many people find themselves feeling that they have outgrown their home, but they still love the house and the location is ideal. Maybe the garden is finally what you’ve worked for it to be, the neighbors have become like family, or the commute is just exactly right. Whatever the reason, sometimes the perfect solution is a home edition.

By increasing the square footage of your home, it can become everything you need without requiring a move. It’s also a great way to reinvest your home’s equity to increase its value, both for you in the short term and whenever you decide to sell it.

If you are considering a home addition, check out these ideas or contact us any time to find out how we can help your home grow with you.

3 Great Home Addition Ideas

Where to Add to the House

Before you plan anything in your addition, you will need to identify where the addition will go. A popular choice is above the garage, where many homes have an unfinished attic space or nothing at all. Extending out into a side yard or backyard can also be a great idea. While the most dramatic of your home addition options, adding a second story is one of the best ways to increase (often doubling) square footage without losing any space in your yard.

If you are not sure whether you property would accommodate a home addition, contact us any time! We can review your property and let you know what your options are.

Adding Bedrooms or Bathrooms

One of the most popular home addition projects is the addition of a bathroom, bedroom, or both. This is an ideal way to make your home better suited to a growing family, whether you are welcoming a new baby or perhaps and elderly parent. The addition of a bedroom or bathroom will immediately add equity to the home, and make it significantly more functional.

Entertainment Space

Many people find that they love their home, they have enough bedrooms, and they don’t want to move, but entertaining is difficult. Perhaps the living room is too small to have more than a couple of people over, or maybe your kids have grown up and want their own space to hang out with friends while the parents enjoy a conversation.

Adding a home theater, media room, screened-in porch, or extended living and dining space are just some of the ideas people choose for expanding the hospitality potential of the house.

Larger Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where memories are made all day every day. If your kitchen is not functional, it’s also the room that is most likely to add unnecessary stress to your life. Increasing the footprint of the kitchen is one of the best ways to make you love your home again. By making room for more seating, a bigger refrigerator, a double oven, or additional prep space, you can take your kitchen to the next level and turn it into one worth of your dream home.

This is also one of the best home addition investments. A kitchen remodel is shown to offer some of the highest return on investment of all home improvement products, as a beautiful and functional kitchen is one of the top wish list items and selling points for a home when it is listed.

These home addition ideas merely scratch the surface. We would love to help you make your home everything you’re dreaming of by adding a home gym, hobby space, man cave, play room, guest suite, or whatever else it is you have in mind. Contact us to find out how we can get started!

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